This week, Trout Unlimited released the results from its poll of more than 630 active steelhead anglers in California, Oregon, and Washington, which shows positive signs of support for wild steelhead conservation and for managing fisheries to sustain wild steelhead populations.

When Winston added a third “I” to its BIIx rods several years back, the classic all-around sedan received an engine upgrade in the form of boosted horsepower. Thanks to a slightly stiffer mid-section and tip, the speedier BIIIx performed great in the wind and was more accurate at longer distances than its predecessor.

Micro Management is packed with pint-size tarpon mastering the art of flight—all part of Dan Decibel's submission to the 2015 POONFECTA (Baby Tarpon on fly Tournament) Film Festival. Which he won, by the way.

Congress stood by and watched as the highly successful, fifty-year-old Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) expired on October 1st. Possibly the most important conservation program in the country, the LWCF funded national, state and local parks, civil war memorials, national forests, fishing and hunting access, and myriad more needs on public lands.

Broad coalition to rally on the lower Snake River in support of removing four deadbeat dams

WAWAWAI LANDING, WA—On Saturday, Oct. 3, salmon advocates, tribal members, anglers, kayakers, outfitters, orca lovers, and business owners will join forces to rally on the Snake River and unfurl a 100-foot banner with a singular message: Free the Snake.

Detained in the Middle East

I STOOD AT ATTENTION in front of my Colonel after a firm and deliberate salute: “Captain Church reporting as ordered Ma’am.”

“Yes, Captain Church, why did I just find out during my executive staff meeting that you were detained in a Qatari jail?” Her look said that she demanded more of the story than the details she’d just received. I took a deep breath and began to tell the tale, which began with a yellow inflatable kayak bought off Amazon and a couple of guys just looking to catch some fish on their deployment.