Delta Trout Force comes in hot with this Monday morning mixed-bag covering Christmas Island, Baja, Colorado, and Wyoming, with species ranging from roosters to coral trout. "Diversity has always been the spice of life. Knowing this, it's only accurate to say things are getting all sorts of zesty on the DTF front."

Former Flyfishing Team USA captain Anthony Naranja stands accused of scamming angling competitors out of tens of thousands of dollars. Naranja’s Professional Fly Angling Tour (PFA) is a competition flyfishing league with, according to its site, “benefits of financial reward.” Problem is the checks are bouncing.

After a long winter, they all look promising

“We have a farm pond you can fish,” my brother-in-law’s cousin said. It was frigid cold, dead of winter, and we were sitting in the Taj Mahal of pit blinds waiting for first light and some geese to fly over. In the Northern Neck of Virginia hunting is king. And that’s good news for me because it means overlooked water and dumb fish... my favorite.

Most ski tourists don't think of flyfishing as a legitimate resort-town option in the wintertime. And why would they, as long as the snow and skiing is good? But say you’re on day six of a weeklong ski trip and fresh snow has failed to fall. Or your legs are tired from fighting moguls for five hours straight. Or maybe you just love to flyfish without summer crowds...

From pupae to pike to perfectionist

A FEW MONTHS AFTER I’D MOVED to southwest Colorado to start my first guiding season, I was introduced to Mark Engler. My boss and head guide, Andy Lee, described him as the best trout angler he’d ever met. Coming from the best trout angler I’d ever met, this was cause for excitement and curiosity.

You can hammer on kids all day, in the classroom, about how over-fishing, pollution and unsustainable development are destroying ocean environments—especially flats. But in order for those lessons to sink in, it helps to get students' feet in the sand with a bonefish in hand. At least that was the goal of a recent bonefish tagging and genetic sampling field trip hosted by the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust in Grand Bahama.