The King lives large in Nicaragua, and filmmaker Peter Christensen captures the thunderbolt with this hectic morning's fishing edit from Tapam the Lodge.

Last Friday the Bahamian government held a public forum in Nassau in response to controversial draft regulations aimed at the flyfishing industry. The legislation would potentially limit DIY angling opportunities and called for restrictions on foreign (aka US-based) lodge owners.

Summer on Utah's Green River

In the pines above a slumbering Dutch John they clicked and we listened. Clicking, like a foreign tongue only a small group of unwashed anglers might decipher. Below the concrete wall holding Flaming Gorge Reservoir, that same clicking joined the riffing of the Green River. They clicked. The trout tuned in.

This is why god invented short-shorts redfishing. Stay cool out there kids, and watch a short session with Rebecca Courtney in Mosquito Lagoon called Pescadora. "We are setting records today."

After a warm winter with almost no snowpack, Alaska is experiencing hot, dry conditions and, consequently, a rash of more than 50 wildfires. The Sockeye Fire, just north of Anchorage, and the Card Street Fire, on the Kenai Peninsula, are listed as highest priority in the country and Alaska Governor Bill Walker has declared a state of disaster. Hotshot crews from the lower 48 are arriving in force to battle blazes that are now threatening homes and sensitive watersheds.

[The Government of the Bahamas, Dept. of Marine Resources, on June 17 released a draft for consultation on regulation of the island nation's flyfishing industry. That suspect piece of potential legislation would nix non-guided trips, making DIY defunct; charge foreign anglers add-on daily fees; and eliminate foreign-owned flats fishing lodges—like those up and down Andros and to the north on Abaco and Grand Bahama. On one hand, the government says the new regs would protect fisheries and marine environments. On the other, U.S. based lodge owners, traveling anglers, and booking agents are wondering if the whole thing is a poorly played pre-July 4 prank. Haha... Gotcha!]