Every flats skiff has a story and Hell's Bay Boatworks has teamed with angler/videographer Trapper Rudd to chronicle those narratives. Rudd will be traveling the coastal US to feature HB owners and their unique whips starting this spring. This is the series intro.

Borchers, hennies, mattress thrashers, and the odd mahogany

"You're such a bass fisherman," I shot at Matt after seeing his approach on a late afternoon riser. His silence hinted that the joke didn't register. Matt is one of the best bass flyfishers I know, and fishes for trout with a bit of a heavy hand.

Alejandro Vega Cruz, better known as “Sandflea”, was introduced to the greater flyfishing community in Beattie Outdoor Productions' film The Scorpion Expedition, which toured in 2013. Sandflea, based out of Isla Holbox, Mexico, helped organize the colorful mission that took a group of anglers to five remote atolls located due north of Progreso, in the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the flyfishing microcosm, Sandflea has left a big mark due to his big heart. Now that heart is in trouble.

Steelhead want to swim up Oregon's Crooked River. But they only make it about a half mile before hitting their heads on the Opal Springs Hydro Project, a diversion dam impeding migration. Half of the fish are captured and trucked over, while the other half turn around and get lost. Fish passage over the dam is a high priority for the Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife as well as angling and conservation groups.

Sometimes it's more than fish we're seeking. Backcountry Solitude follows angler Maddie Brenneman, a friend of Redington, as she camps out in New Mexico's canyon country.

Native Americans, fishermen, and environmental groups in Southeast Alaska continue to criticize British Columbia mining projects, decrying the potential to destroy downstream fisheries. At least five of these mineral holds are located in "transboundary" watersheds of key salmon rivers—the Taku, Stikine, and Unuk—that originate in BC and flow into AK.