A coral reef 639 miles southwest of Port Victoria—the capital of the Seychelles—Cosmoledo Atoll is home to some of the headiest, healthiest giant trevally flats on the planet. Not to mention prime habitat for triggers, bones, and milkfish. That's why we love it... and it's why you should too. Here, follow the Alphonse Fishing Company crew as they explore Cosmoledo Atoll, hoping to connect. Via YETI

Dutch John, UT—One fly. One full day of flyfishing. One great cause. The 2016 Green River Single Fly tourney takes place Aug. 25-26 on Green below Flaming Gorge Dam. Now in its 8th year, the event brings teams together from across the West to face off against the river's biggest trout, while raising funds for the Green and its watershed.

Four hundred miles is a significant feat, say for an electric car on a single charge. (Tesla is currently testing vehicles with a similar range.) It's also a helluva push for a juvenile tarpon, a fish that would typically stick close to home until reaching sexual maturation. But according to findings from Bonefish & Tarpon Trust's (BTT) new acoustic tagging program, a small silver king dubbed "Helios" is changing what we know about migration.

South-central Alaska's Susitna River is a 300-mile sweetheart home to all five species of pacific salmon, including the state's fourth largest chinook run. The Susitna has also been pegged for its hydroelectric potential, contending with several dam proposals over the last 60 years. The latest threat called for erecting the country's second tallest dam, upstream of Devils Canyon, at a price-tag of $6 billion. And in what's been hailed as a victory for Alaska salmon, that plan is officially dead.

This past winter, Frankie Marion at C1Films began shooting a video solely devoted to barracuda flyfishing in the Keys; A) Because it hadn't been done. And B) Because these badass fish do it all from an angler's standpoint.

South Florida's Everglades has been dammed, diked, and drained—in the name of developing America's superswamp—for decades. Now a coalition of concerned individuals and organizations intend to fix the horrific results of mismanagement of Florida’s waters. Their “Now or Neverglades Declaration” petition targets lawmakers and enforcement agencies, urging them to restore the flow of clean, fresh water to Everglades National Park, Florida Bay, and the Florida Keys.