With Bristol Bay sockeye salmon stocks on the upswing, the mining company that would potentially be their demise took a stock-market thrashing this week. Canadian firm Northern Dynasty Minerals saw its value skyrocket after Trump’s victory thanks to frothing investors championing the company’s prospects under the new regime. On Tuesday, however, New York-based Kerrisdale Capital Management (KCP) released a scathing analysis of Northern Dynasty's Pebble asset, outing it as a worthless boondoggle.

Corazón, from filmmaker R.A. Beattie, starts with Mike Dawes telling the story of donating half his liver to save his father’s life. But mostly it's about Mike’s friend—well-known Mexican flats guide Sandflea—a man whose physical heart is damaged, but whose symbolic heart is flawless. Through Mike and Sandflea, we get a glimpse into the best parts of friendship: generosity, compassion, humor, ball-busting, and shared joy. It’s a narrative reminder that people, not fish, draw us to flyfishing culture. And if all that sounds like sappy BS to you, you should watch it for the slow-motion tarpon eats on surface flies.

Corazón is one of several new films headlining the 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Amid November’s national display of democracy California passed Prop. 64, joining the brotherhood of states legalizing recreational marijuana use. Humboldt Nation, on the North Coast, is the crossroads of both Cali weed and steelhead culture. It’s no secret that illegal weed grows have dewatered and poisoned key steelhead and salmon spawning tributaries. But soon skunked spey-rodders may be able to roll a blunt legally, knowing that it’s actually benefitting the fish.

Last we left you, Clyde was crashing shoddy motel rooms, pounding Coors Light silos, and scarfing large Hawaiians from Pizza Hut—clearly reveling in Peach State culture—as he meandered through Georgia's Blue Ridge mountains. Where'll Clyde curb-check next? Here, the Southern Revival Tour rolls on.

Meet America's—and a flyfisher's—best conservation weapon

Last Friday the Utah State Senate joined the House to approve a resolution asking President Trump to abolish the Bears Ears National Monument. In December, former president Obama used the Antiquities Act to convey protected status on 1.35 million acres in southeastern Utah, a move that prompted fierce opposition and backlash from local republican lawmakers.

Seeking a trout-y timeout without a single reference to presidential apocalypse? Look no further. The Western Native Trout Initiative has been going to bat for native trout since inception, and in doing so has poured its stories into a frothy, seemingly bottomless interactive storymap now available for general consumption.