What is the Lowcountry and why is it special? Ryan Griffin, Paul Puckett and Doug Roland go straight to the source for answers, where they explain how the sight of a tailing redfish can take over your life. "This short film is about flyfishing for redfish in the salt marshes around Charleston, SC, "the Lowcountry." Shown at Flood Tide Tailer's Ball and Charleston Angler Go Pro Film Fest, 2016.

Washington legislators made steelhead the state symbol in 1969. But as contributor Jonathan Stumpf writes in "Chrome Plated" (Summer 2016), over the ensuing years anglers haven't had a design to compliment their steelhead whips en route to the Olympic Peninsula and elsewhere. In March, Governor Jay Inslee changed that when he signed a law to help conserve wild steelhead through the sale of specialty steelhead plates.

Xplor Andros is a multipart series from C1 Films, chronicling the adventures of Frankie Marion, Jeff Rybak, and flats guide Solomon Murphy as they embark on their first expedition to the Andros Island backcountry. The rules are simple, and the supplies are scant: limited fuel, water and power, and all their protein must come from the ocean. Learn more at XplorProject.com

The bad: Fall storms continue to hammer the Pacific Northwest, leaving 100,000 Oregonians in the dark and producing isolated incidents of flooding from northern California to western Washington. The good: Salmon like water. But how much is too much? New research published by the journal GlobalChange Biology provides a glimpse of how salmon rivers might fare in a future with an increased likelihood of floods.

Denmark is in for an unexpected, exceptional fall steelhead run. A cargo ship crashed into an ocean net pen this week dumping as many as 80,000 rainbow trout, averaging six and half pounds, into the Baltic Sea near the island of Funen.

Kenny Price accident. Earier this month, Tempe, Arizona-based angler Kenny Price sustained serious burns to his left hand while trying to keep a friend from falling into a campfire. You can help Kenny cover medical costs by making a donation to his GoFundMe page. "With Kenny's bills stacking up and him not being able to work, we are looking to raise some money to help with his expenses. If you can find it in you to donate a little bit, our combined efforts will help Kenny get back to normal life. I know he would do the same for any one of us."