From flip-phone poon footage to an international filmmaking movement that’s spurred show-touring and award-winning cinematography, flyfishing films have made awesome strides in the last decade. So let’s make a party.

OLYMPIA, WA—Does time have the power to turn half-baked ideas into golden (or in this case crimson) opportunity? When it comes to the outlawed practice of salmon ranching, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has voiced its desire to find out.

When filming flyfishing, a lot of things need to go right. And the only guarantee is that things will go wrong. In the latest episode of Redington's Find Your Water series, get a look behind the scenes when fish don’t bite in dream locations, anglers can’t set the hook on camera, and Ma Nature tries her best to keep us away. Via Redington

So far this year, the bison are winning. In June, a 62-year-old Australian man was tossed like a shrimp on the barbie while stepping in for his close-up with a 1,400-pound Yellowstone National Park grass grazer. A couple weeks earlier, a 16-year-old Taiwanese girl suffered a similar fate after a bison gored her while she posed for photos near Old Faithful.

If you named your first born "Madison" you're definitely part of the problem: A river that's gaining drift-boat traffic despite the audacity of its trout population to stick to status quo numbers. According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, angling pressure on the upper Madison River, the roughly 50 miles between Ennis and Quake Lake, boomed to the tune of about 200,000 angler days last year. That compares to 140,000 angler days in 2013, said Travis Horton, FWP’s Region 3 fisheries manager in Bozeman.

A poet and Texas songwriting legend, Townes Van Zandt left a powerful, if not destructive, legacy in his wake. And for his son JT, viewing Townes’ musical fervor encouraged him to find his own passion for the outdoors. "My takeaway from my dad and how he wrote songs was a particular perspective and aesthetic about living. All the words that my father ever told me rang out in nature." Via YETI.