• Summer 2017 Contents

    Drake 2017 Summer Issue


    • Nelson’s Anew
      A return to Montana’s renown spring creek, where family, friendship, and fishing for rainbows and cutthroat define the past, present, and future.
      By Myers Reece Photos by Greg Lindstrom
    • Kamchatka Steelhead Retrospective
      Shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, a small group of exploratory anglers helped raise the profile of steelheading in the Russian Far East.
      By Words and photos by Adam Tavender
    • Meeting in the Thin Space
      Five flyfishing artists with divergent styles and tastes find a common stimulus on the flats of Great Abaco Island, in The Bahamas.
      By Sarah Grigg Photos by Graham Hegamyer
    • Yukon Pikeathon
      Canada’s Inconnu Lodge offers huge grayling, gorgeous lake trout, plenty of pike, and the curiously mythical inconnu—sometimes in that order.
      By Tom Bie Photos by Dan Armstrong


    • Page Six Chix
      A summery selection: two rainbows, a badass brown, and a hook-jawed Atlantic from Iceland’s Holka.
    • Put-in
      An outpouring of sentiment on smallmouth.
      Also: Dear permit guy, it’s okay to cry.
    • Rises
      Reactions to our Fly Fishing Collaborative story.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Finding Faraway Cay; Lee Spencer’s masterwork; a trove of flyfishing history; Bahamas guide shortage; the get-rich Pebble Mine gamble; Clyde in Arkansas; Utah’s monuments; the Deschutes dilemma; green drakes in Aspen; and Trask gives advice to a youngin’
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Minivan magic in Nebraska.
      By By Elliott Adler
    • Tippets
      Curing caddis indigestion, yard-sale scores, the unbearable lightness of fly rods, nerding out in New Zealand, Mexico’s tannic water tarpon, and more...
    • Redspread
      A decade of reading reds.
      By John Kumiski
    • Passport
      Patagonia’s atypical outpost.
      By Scott Willoughby
    • Bugs
      Eastern caddis with Swedish inclinations.
      By Elliott Adler
    • City Limits
      Sleuthing Bayou City.
      By Shannon Drawe
    • Rodholders
      Vice to vise, with Brian Bergeson.
      By Tom Hazelton
    • Backcountry
      Everyman’s Middle Fork.
      By Mark Menlove
    • Permit Page
      Stacked up and stoned.
      By Sandy Moret
  • Spring 2017 Contents

    Drake 2017 Spring Issue


    • Page Six Chix
      A wild steelhead, a beach-day snook, a buttery brown, and a sniff of high-country cutty.
    • Put-in
      Why being “over it” is overrated.
    • Rises
      Soulful, majestic, diplomatic... Oh, and about those Drake message boards.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Inside Fly Fishing Collaborative; Clyde’s Michigan meltdown; believing in beavers; Jessica Callihan’s reincarnation; a vintage tackle dealer; climate change and salmon; conservation success in Southern Oregon; and a few words from author Peter Heller
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Caddis (and Kristen) on Colorado’s Arkansas.
      By Miles Nolte
    • Tippets
      River of Presidents, Bozeman’s bass-y underbelly, a whitefish’s royal nemesis, DIY dreams in the Keys, and floating Fort Smith.
    • Redspread
      What the spots say.
      By Will Rice
    • Passport
      ’Merica-style mayfly tricks for English chalkstreams.
      By Zach Matthews
    • Bugs
      A March Brown manifesto.
    • City Limits
      Kingston, Ontario.
      By Ryan Sparks
    • Rodholders
      Outfitter and agitator, Bill Dvorak.
      By Matthew Copeland
    • Backcountry
      Brookies of the 100-Mile Wilderness.
      By Matthew Dickerson
    • Permit Page
      Taking the long road.
      By Patrick Duke
  • Winter 2016 Contents

    Drake 2016 Winter Issue


    • Page Six Chix
      Winter means women in hats; plus chum, rainbows, and warmth in numbers on the San Juan.
    • Put-in
      Dirtbag Diplomacy.
    • Rises
      A Clyde fan, a Beavs fan, a Trask fan, and a Trump fan. Or not.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Rehydrating Washington’s Yakima Basin; Michigan’s Dowagiac River revival; Spain’s ultra-spendy salmon; Clyde brings disco to Wisco; a permit-fishing legend; and why Chris Dombrowski chooses reading over Ritalin.
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Yearning for snowshoes on NY’s Salmon River.
      By Stephen Zakur
    • Tippets
      Musky mutterings, snook redemption, South Fork city slicker, and nothing says holidays like Chouinard’s sucker cakes.
    • Redspread
      Fishing the Vanishing.
      By Ron Begnaud
    • Passport
      Aitutaki’s large lineage.
      By Stephen Vletes
    • Bugs
      Where good flies go to die.
      By Michael Wright
    • City Limits
      Boston Habah.
    • Rodholders
      Gray Struznik; Son of Forks, WA.
    • Backcountry
      Nonstop New Mexico.
      By Anna Ortega Photos by Ben Kraushaar
    • Permit Page
      C1 Films.
  • Fall 2016 Contents

    Drake 2016 Fall Issue


    • The Tugur Chum Eaters
      What happens when a Russian steel magnate, a Polish spey-casting guru, and an American wild-fish defender board a Mi-8 chopper bound for the Russian Far East? Something big. In this case, the search for Siberian taimen large enough to snack on adult salmon.
      By Guido Rahr
    • The Dean, Mac-Daddy, & the Advocate
      Three elite Northeast guides discuss everything from fishing Diddy’s flat to tolerating hipsters in Montauk.
      By Monte Burke and Pete McDonald
    • The Adirondack Experience
      Native brookies. Great Camps. And how sipping bourbon on Alfred Vanderbilt’s old porch is the perfect start for easing back into the sport.
      Story and photos by John Segesta


    • Page Six Chix
      Rainbows and beer, plus bluefin trevally from the South Pacific and a chrome coastal coho—of course.
    • Put-in
      About that election...
    • Rises
      Jim Harrison and Key West weed, angler-eating fish, that “warm, fuzzy” feeling, and a warning to would-be wives.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Baja’s disappearing forage fish, White House water, a southeast Alaska success story, Clyde brakes for smallies, saying goodbye to Christmas Island’s Moana T. Kofe, Montana’s Smith River situation, and the evolution of women-specific gear.
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Casting and blasting on Colorado’s Gunnison River.
      By Kyle Smith
    • Tippets
      Songs for the road, what guides do while you’re gone, and steelheading with a few stiff drinks.
    • Redspread
      Thoughts from a feeding redfish.
      By Saylor Ferguson
    • Passport
      Survival in South Africa’s unofficial trout capital.
      By Ben Carmichael
    • Bugs
      Autumn’s subsurface secret.
      By Dana Sturn
    • City Limits
      Dreaming of Cleveland ditch pigs.
      By Willard Greenwood
    • Rodholders
      Re-meeting Jeff Cottrell.
      By Steven Bird
    • Backcountry
      Inside Arctic Alaska with Soul River Runs Deep.
      By Geoff Mueller
    • Permit Page
      Ménage à Quad. Putting an unthinkable day into words.
      By Brandon Fisher
  • Summer 2016 Contents

    Drake 2016 Summer Issue


    • Shadow Grab
      Summer steelhead have developed one of the most complex and varied life histories of all Pacific fish. We have learned so much, yet the most basic question remains: Why do they—or don’t they—eat a fly?
      By John Larison
    • I’ll Take a Half-Dozen Malpeques and a Cocktail. A Tribute to Jim Harrison
      You may have read some other Jim Harrison tributes since the end of March. But not like this one.
      By Miles Nolte
    • National Park of Flyfishing
      Four million acres of brown bears, big lakes, volcanos, rivers, rainbows, salmon, and most of all, wilderness.
      By Ryan Peterson
    • Of Mice and Brown Trout
      The summer of 2015 was a mousy time to be fishing central Idaho. If you happened to miss it, never fear: photographer Nick Price had your back.
      Story and photos by Nick Price


    • Page Six Chix
      You’ve all seen brown trout on this page before. But a whitey and a bright chum? We think not.
    • Put-in
      “I don’t even care if I catch a fish—I just love being out here!”
    • Rises
      Whiskey i.d. crisis, ugly cuticles, and six degrees of flats fishing.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Catching tagged permit, Grand Teton National Park, Clyde hits Minnesota, world’s oldest fly shop, Puget Sound cutthroat, Montana grayling, Colorado’s inmate rod-builders, Potomac snakehead, bumping off brookies, and a new resort in Belize
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Peebers and Fajitas on Colorado’s Taylor Fork.
      By Elliott Adler
    • Tippets
      Coho from an Alaskan beach, tossing and turning on the road, chasing largemouth with friends in California, chasing smallmouth with Jesse James in Minnesota, float-tubing San Diego Bay, single-issue voting, and carping in backwater Georgia
    • Redspread
      Crayfish and redfish in Grand Isle, Louisiana.
      By Miles Nolte
    • Passport
      Swinging for Atlantic salmon on Ireland’s River Laune.
      By Greg Vincent
    • Bugs
      Meet the Beetles.
      By Miles Nolte
    • City Limits
      Finding hungry white bass in the Detroit River.
      By Dustin Walsh
    • Rodholders
      The not-quite-yet retirement of James Babb.
      By Ryan Brod
    • Backcountry
      Diggin’ for gold in West Virginia.
      By Ben Moyer
    • Permit Page
      You never forget your first. A day in Placencia, Belize.
      By Matt Hansen
  • Spring 2016 Contents

    Drake 2016 spring Issue


    • Flowing Ambition
      Jason Atkinson has always had a special connection to the Klamath River. But in the fight to restore it, will his connection be enough to bring down the dams?
      By Steven Hawley
    • BayWatch II
      Magdalena (Baja), Jamaica (NYC), Biscayne (Florida), Grand Traverse (Michigan), Thorne (Alaska).
      By Scott Sadil, Monte Burke, Pete McDonald, Matt Dunn, and E. Donnell Thomas
    • Dog Days of Spring
      There’s no flyfishing face like a dog’s flyfishing face.
      By Tosh Brown, Camrin Dengel, Russ Schnitzer, Lee Church, Jess McGlothin, Tim romano, Jim Klug, Austin Trayser, and Earl Harper
    • Return to Providence
      Six years after a horrendous piracy epidemic closed the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, liveaboard boats bring flyfishing back to Providence Atoll.
      By Tom Bie Photos by Jim Klug


    • Page Six Chix
      If you can’t make it to California or Idaho, just swing by the Seychelles.
    • Put-in
      On managing expectations—at both ends of the boat.
    • Rises
      Bumper stickers, hospital visits, and promotional ideas.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Steelheading loses an icon, whiskey in Wyoming, ultra-realistic flies, guide-school dropouts, salmon super-highway, Malheur’s other tragedy, Orvis schools at 50, MT stoneflies, Clyde’s carping, Trask gets political
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Big browns in the Oregon desert.
      By Sam Lungren
    • Tippets
      Steelhead movies, quiet tarpon, Big Trev, the scent of a good bag, urban carping, we like ’em laid-up, New York road trip, largemouth love
    • Redspread
      Fishing with Capt. Ben Paschal on Texas’ lower Laguna Madre.
      By Alex Landeen
    • Passport
      Backcountry huts and brown trout in Tasmania.
      By Mark Cloutier
    • Bugs
      The heavyweight status of a light cahill.
      By Jason Skruck
    • City Limits
      Spring training and urban fishing in the Arizona sunshine.
      By KC Badger and Ben Smith
    • Rodholders
      Yousuf Shaikh—Best dang Bangledeshi guide you’ll ever meet.
      By Tosh Brown
    • Backcountry
      Cutties on Colorado’s Hermosa Creek.
      By Ben Haguewood
    • Permit Page
      Leonardo DiCaprio’s misplaced plan for Belize’s Blackadore Caye.
      By Omar Arceo
  • Winter 2015 Contents

    Drake 2015 winter Issue


    • On the Mend
      The Kootenai River is hidden away in the boondocks of northwest Montana. But look closer at the trout and the scenery and Dave Blackburn’s lodge, and it doesn’t seem so far.
      By Myers Reece
    • Derailed
      Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau banned oil-tanker traffic on B.C.’s north coast, lessening the threat of oil pipelines running along steelhead rivers. But plenty of other threats remain.
      By Leslie Anthony, Steven Hawley, and Tom Bie
    • Minnesota Musky
      There’s no toothy critters like ’Sota toothy critters. Our photographers in the field bring back a report to help you survive the winter.
      By Lee Church and Corey Kruitbosch
    • Pancora Holiday
      Catching a Patagonian brown or rainbow is like catching one in Montana or Colorado. Only it’s those two states circa 1915, not 2015. You’ll also lose a week of January or February, while gaining a week of Southern Hemisphere sunshine—a trade we’ll take.
      By Tom Bie


    • Page Six Chix
      Wintertime hat-trick: Musky, steelhead, and a Mongolian taimen.
    • Put-in
      Arctic weather options for sourcing a level of quiet calm under falling snow.
    • Rises
      Bushkill weekends, community connectedness, and a Deschutes River reply.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Waiting on El Niño, Clyde tours the Front Strange, an OP steelheader’s best friend, playing Hooké, pro bassin’ on the fly, school spirit, baked trout, and a scientific study on how to cheat death.
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Getting down in the Gunnison Gorge.
      By Gus Jarvis
    • Tippets
      Addicted to shore albies, North Umpqua redemption, a few flyfishers we know, reflections from the backseat, a Northwest bar brawl, from Steamboat to Striperville, and the real life of a hoarder with a fishing hobby.
    • Redspread
      Venice Reds: A homecoming in southern Louisiana.
      By Colles Stowell
    • Passport
      Unguided epiphanies in the Bahamas.
      By Jason Houston
    • Bugs
      A tailwater shrimp cocktail.
      By Geoff Mueller
    • City Limits
      Hobo hatches and Grand Junction heroics.
      By Justin Edge
    • Rodholders
      Engraving rods with Bill Oyster.
      By Zach Matthews
    • Backcountry
      Into the North for busted ankles, brotherly bonds, and backwoods pike.
      By Dave Karczynski
    • Permit Page
      Wading for the one that didn’t get away.
      By Luke Williams
  • Fall 2015 Contents

    Drake 2015 Fall Issue


    • Western Remembrance
      Waitressing West Yellowstone in the 1980s, our writer met a fishing guide. In fact, she met a few.
      By Darcy Lohmiller

    • Ahead of the Flood
      Floating Arkansas’ beloved Buffalo for smallies and sunfish, days are filled with tossing poppers, stripping streamers, and lobbing bacon grease.
      By Miles Nolte
    • The Wind at Montauk
      Striper fishing the rocks of Long Island is not for the faint of heart. It’s also not for trout fishermen.
      By James Wu
    • Return of Wild Abundance
      Osoyoos Lake sits on the border of Washington and British Columbia. In the past 20 years, its wild sockeye run has increased nearly 30,000%. Why?
      By Bill McMillan


    • Page Six Chix
      Two browns, a bass, and a bonefish. With love.
    • Put-in
      Be the bucket. And other joys of water-reading.
    • Rises
      Lab love, scolding Scotland, and Casa de Caddis.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Deschutes dilemma, striper movie, a new take on public lands, fishing wildlife refuges, Kanton Atoll, steelhead martini, and solutions for the Bahamas!
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Western Connecticut’s Deerfield River delivers.
      By Stephen Zakur
    • Tippets
      Fishing as religion, Qatar justice, in defense of shitty casting, Driftless bar, aggressive taimen, fishing and Letterman, Shakespeare steelhead
    • Redspread
      The heartbreaking story of Randy Charba.
      By Tosh Brown
    • Passport
      Everyone loves Atlantic salmon on the Gaspé. But what about all those stripers?
      By Ben Carmichael
    • Bugs
      Steelheading with the General Practitioner.
      By Geoff Mueller
    • City Limits
      Columbia, South Carolina’s schoolie stripers.
      By Tommy Cody
    • Rodholders
      Tommy Lynch, Batman of the Pere Marquette.
      By Preston Marson
    • Backcountry
      Bonefishing the Bahamian hinterlands.
      By Mike Benson
    • Permit Page
      The life and flies of Craig Mathews.
      By Geoff Mueller
  • Summer 2015 Contents

    Drake 2015 Summer Issue


    • I Love Laxa
      Big Icelandic salmon, secret American flies, and the determination of Orri Vigfusson.
      By Tom Bie
    • Chasing Natives
      From backcountry brookies to spirited pickerel, this is our quest for encounters of the indigenous kind.
      By Zach Matthews, John Larison, Jimmy Fee, Kevin Luby, Brian Boomer, and Will Jordan
    • Patches
      When a shiny she-boat morphs into a he-boat, and becomes a confidant.
      By Monty Orrick
    • Post-Inferno Flyfishing
      In August 2013, two lightning-caused blazes burned 435 square miles of Idaho’s South Fork Boise drainage, showing just how much impact fires can have on a river.
      By Mark Menlov


    • Page Six Chix
      The Flathead, the Yellowstone, the Menominee.
    • Put-in
      Summer Camp, America’s best idea, and its worst.
    • Rises
      Husband exchange, political delusions, girlfriend dilema, and using a puppy to our advantage.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Nicaragua tarpon, coho comeback, Clyde takes a slyde, summer bikini hatches, oversized art, PNW smallies, striper uncertainty, and one feared Beard.
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Trout-filled tailwaters in Oklahoma and Texas.
      By Stephen Schwartz
    • Tippets
      Sounds of bluefish, steelheading the ‘V,’ inglorious bassers, a crowded roadtrip, good hats, stripers in plain sight, and catching brown trout in Scotland.
    • Redspread
      The Islamorada backcountry delivers, eventually.
      By Matt Smythe
    • Passport
      A purist’s exile to Saskatchewan’s Pikelandia.
      By Toby Gilbert
    • Bugs
      Puget Sound termites.
      By Jesse Robbins
    • City Limits
      Flats fishing the Dirty South.
      By Zach Matthews
    • Rodholders
      How Jon Yousko pulls off the endless season.
      By Geoff Mueller
    • Backcountry
      500 miles from Denver to Durango, on foot.
      By Ben Kraushaar
    • Permit Page
      Protect the spawning grounds.
      By Terry Gibson
  • Spring 2015 Contents

    Drake 2015 Spring Issue


    • On the Peninsula
      Being raised in the upper left corner of the upper left state makes it hard to be anything but a steelheader.
      By Kevin Maier
    • Christmas Island Comeback
      After thirty years of hosting flyfishers, with maybe a little low spot in the middle, Christmas Island is as good as ever.
      By Tom Bie
    • Prince and Preacher
      Like rowing your driftboat? Or fishing out of somebody else’s? These two paved the way, just like the story says. More or less.
      By John Larison
    • The Transfe
      Something strange is brewing in Utah, and it’s spreading to other parts of the West. Our public lands are in jeapordy.
      By Drew Simmons
    • Departments

    • Page Six Chix
      Five on six, from sockeye to smallmouth.
    • Put-in
      We’re fine with fish photos—but please be careful.
    • Rises
      Old Drakes, new fonts, and a little bluefish love.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Drone nation, green drakes, Clyde hits the Bighorn, grayling studies, travel tips, fishing and baseball, a salmon savior, and some trailrunners go flyfishing.
    • Tippets
      Fast tarpon, colors of Russia, ode to dads, secret stripers, Montana bull trout, church and flyfishing, bass fishing New York, and steelheading California.
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Chasing brookies on Connecticut’s Mill River.
      By Steve Zakur
    • Redspread
      The Tailing Dead. Drum lessons.
      By Tosh Brown
    • Passport
      Chasing big Bulgarian ’bows on the Mesta River.
      By Peter Scorzetti
    • Bugs
      The time for Hendricksons is upon us.
      By Steve Zakur
    • City Limits
      Scranton, Pennsylvania’s Lackawanna River.
      By Kevin McNicholas
    • Rodholders
      The woman who brought flyfishing to Maine.
      By Tony Lolli
    • Backcountry
      It’s a dangerous world in Key West.
      By Paul Bruun
    • Permit Page
      To find permit in the Bahamas, you first need to look.
      By John Frazier
  • Winter 2014-2015 Contents

    Drake 2014 Winter Issue


    • DIY Dialectic
      The decision to hire a guide or fish on your own can be a difficult one to make, especially for ex-guides. Let the internal debate begin.
      By Franklin Tate
    • Meet the Metolius
      Bull trout are like Bigfoot: huge, mysterious, misunderstood, and really hard to find. But go deep enough, and they’ll show up. Hungry.
      Story and Photos by Sam Lungren
    • Pyramid Scheme
      Hatcheries are the worst thing to ever happen to trout. Until one saved a species. Our man in Nevada climbs his corporate ladder.
      By Steven Hawley
    • Postcards from Playa Blanca
      Whatever happened to postcards? We bring them back, with notes to mom. From Mexico.
      Photos by Corey Kruitbosch
    • Departments

    • Page Six Chix
      From desert to mountains to flats.
    • Put-in
      Broaden your horizons.
    • Rises
      Dogs, gators, and imperial presidents.
    • Scuddlebutt
      Pesca Maya’s alternative energy, Clyde turns three, striper art, NorCal’s Putah Creek, huge peacock bass, Land and Water Conservation Fund, Virginia billfish, mayfly storms, and lodge-owner legal troubles
    • Tippets
      Steelheading at first light, jig intervention, Exuma bonefishing, ice-out pike, false false-casting, Alaskan delivery service, and the joys of fishing alone
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Smallies, pike, and lake trout on Fort Peck Rez.
      By Geoff Mueller
    • Redspread
      A number-crunching approach to Texas redfishing.
      By Tosh Brown
    • Passport
      Good golly, Miss Molly
      By Preston Marson
    • Bugs
      Death by Dobsonfly
      By Zach Matthews
    • City Limits
      Who’s up for a little carp tourney?
      By Dan Frasier
    • Backcountry
      A bloody day of brookie fishing.
      By Warren Winders
    • Permit Page
      He swam from a land Down Under.
      By Brett Seng
  • 2014 Fall Contents

    Drake 2014 Fall Issue


    • Hating the Thompson
      British Columbia’s famed Thompson River will be open to steelheaders this October, for the first time in a decade. But what will the fishermen find when they get there?
      By Dana Sturn | Photos by Adam Tavender
    • A Fisherman’s Monument
      Idaho’s Boulder and White Clouds Mountains make up the largest unprotected roadless area in the Lower 48. It’s time to preserve it.
      By Mark Menlove | Photos by Ed Cannady
    • Black Tar Permit
      They say you always remember your first time. But is that a really a good thing?
      By Zach Mathews
    • Insert Trout, Here
      Meet John Goodall, the godfather of Tierra del Fuego’s sea-run brown trout.
      By Geoff Mueller
    • Departments

    • Page Six Chix
      Two freshies, two salties
    • Put-in
      The value of Wilderness (with a capital “W”)
    • Rises
      On hatcheries, access, Yellowstone, and smallmouth
    • Scuddlebutt
      A glossary for striper fishermen, Clyde meets a cop, an Olympic Peninsula fly shack, paddle-makers in Minnesota, more golf-course bass, a collaborative fish-art project, and if tarpon could text each other
    • Tippets
      Ode to the Elwha, Gierach’s coffee, a lost strain of striper fishermen, fake fly anglers, resilient brim in Texas, gangster carp in Jersey, nights in northern Michigan, and death of a dog (spoiler alert: it’s sad.)
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Colorado’s other Gunnison River
      By Tom Bie
    • Redspread
      Alabama’s year-round redfishing
      By Wally Kirkland
    • Passport
      Pike of the River Test
      By John Hall
    • Bugs
      Want East Coast fish? Find Monarch butterflies.
      By Jason Skruck
    • City Limits
      The smallmouth of Traverse City, Michigan
      By Alex Cerveniak
    • Rod Holders
      Lee Spencer, guardian of North Umpqua steelhead
      By Tom Bie
    • Backcountry
      Montana’s South Fork of the Flathead
      By Christopher Solomon
    • Permit Page
      Some considerations when tying permit flies.
      By Drew Chicone
  • 2014 Summer Contents

    Drake 2014 Summer Issue


    • Holy Trinity of the Right Coast
      Striped bass on the flats, false albacore from shore, and bluefin tuna from anywhere.
      By Jason Skruck. Photos by David Skok
    • What the Smallmouth Tells Us
      Smallies are a marquee summertime fish.
      And the health of smallmouth bass populations tells us much about our waterways.
      By Pete McDonald
    • Brown Drake Bonanza
      It’s an annual Gem State event: A bazillion brown drakes hatching on world-renown Silver Creek, near Picabo, Idaho.
      By Nick Price
    • The Bass Phase
      A coming-of-age story about the power of popper-eating largemouth, and how they can change a boy’s life, forever.
      By Tosh Brown
    • Departments

    • Page Six Chix
      Four great smiles, four great fish, one lucky lab.
    • Put-in
      Let’s not forget about floating mayflies.
    • Rises
      A few words on weed, warmwater, and public access.
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Asses and elbows on the South Fork of the Snake.
      By Geoff Mueller
    • Scuddlebutt
      Transboundary rivers, Clyde nearly gets shot, artists Hartman and Larko, Stilly after the slide, Penny’s for breakfast, beer and hatches, hope for wild steelhead, a headbanger’s fly shop, a flyfishing Bassmaster, drama on the Dean, and Trask takes on Hero Cat.
    • Tippets
      A woman’s perspective on fishing trips; skeeters in the ‘Glades; mahseer by motorcycle; a plea to quit yer bitchin’; an African license plate hunt, and more.
    • Redspread
      Fishing the TFZ in Louisiana’s Calcasieo Estuary.
      By Ron Begnaud
    • Passport
      It hurts to miss fish on Patagonia’s Rio Chimehuin.
      By Christopher Solomon
    • Bugs
      August means white fly fever in New England.
      By Stephen Zakur
    • City Limits
      Milwaukie’s got baseball and steelheading. Together.
      By James Card
    • Rod Holders
      Lacy Kelly heads to Belize.
      By Larry Littrell
    • Backcountry
      Golden trout in California’s southern Sierra.
      By Brett Wedeking
    • Permit Page
      The flies of Enrico Puglisi.
  • 2014 Spring Contents

    Drake 2014 Spring Issue


    • Silver Tiger Taimen
      Exploring Russia’s Koppi River watershed for seductive, sea-going, Sakhalin taimen.
      By Ryan Peterson. Photos by John Sherman
    • Shop Dogs
      Meet the greeting committee.
      By Stephen Schwartz
    • Starting Out
      With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, we share a few stories on the people who taught us to fish.
      By Richard Bach, Reid Bryant, and Andrew Stoehr
    • The Lake Trout Issue
      Many people have strong, passionate feelings about native vs. introduced species. Especially in Yellowstone National Park.
      By Sarah Grigg, Carter Andrews, and Tom Bie
    • Departments

    • Page Six Chix
      Tats, a jack, and a smallmouth? What’s not to love?
    • Put-in
      On regionalism and “smuggling”
    • Rises
      More Skeena feedback, and some really sweet skis
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Oregon’s Crooked River is more romantic than Paris
      By Chester Allen
    • Scuddlebutt
      Northwest steelhead drama, Clyde heads east, scotch tasting, California’s Klamath, weed-buyer’s guide, Connecticut’s survivor-strain browns, Kickstarter fundraising, Henry’s Fork Anglers, pike fishing in Maine, and more Montana access issues
    • Tippets
      A Driftless story, despondent steelheading, spring stripers, Michigan by moonlight, a bonefish poem, a really nice rooster, fab fallfish, and ‘Glades tarpon
    • Redspread
      St. Augustine, Florida: more redfish, fewer yankees
      By Mike Hodge
    • Passport
      Hanging with a holy man
      By Kym Goldsworthy
    • Bugs
      Yellow Sally of the South
      By Zach Matthews
    • City Limits
      A morning commute in Chicago
      By Timothy Adkins
    • Rod Holders
      Igor Linda, flyfishing’s man in Poland
      By Dave Karczynski
    • Backcountry
      Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area
      By Steven Schweitzer
    • Permit Page
      I’m so much better than you are.
      By Jason Houston
  • 2013 Winter Contents

    Drake 2013 winter Issue


    • Pride of the Quinault
      Trey Combs
      The Quinault Indian Nation boasts some of the largest wild steelhead on earth. Now, if we can only keep them that way.
    • The Lagoon Factor
      Tom Bie
      Chasing snook and tarpon at Mexico’s Paradise Lodge, on the southern Yucatan coast.
    • Good Times in Terrace
      Photos by Drew Stoecklein
      Captions by Tyler Maxwell
      Sketchy snowpack and a steelhead solution in British Columbia’s Coast Range.
    • Departments

    • Page Six Chix
      One brown, one red, one brook
    • Put-in
      Feeling salty
    • Rises
      Drake editors remap Michigan... and fail
    • Scuddlebutt
      Groundhog Day for Salmon, Magnuson-Stevens Act in action, your new 2014 fishing license, Clyde’s sleepover with Puget Sound silvers, and a New York apparel company takes fishing to the streets.
    • Tailwater Weekend
      Road-tripping to Arkansas’ White River

      Zach Matthews
    • Redspread
      Tosh Brown
      In Texas, it’s best not to piss-off the locals
    • Tippets
      An unforgettable rant on spey rigs, how to swallow a hopper whole, one great driftboat, Grand Bahamas bonefish, summertime salmon for the mid-winter blues, and hanging with old guys that rule
    • Passport
      Jako Lucas
      Master wrasse of the Indo-Pacific
    • Bugs
      Images by Nick Price, Lucas Carrol, and Corey Kruitbosch
      Midges. Because it’s winter, that’s why.
    • City Limits
      Michael Israelson
      More strange for Colorado’s Front Range
    • Rod Holders
      Joshua Prestin
      Liminal lessons with Josh DeSmit
    • Backcountry
      Monte Burke
      Mangrove roots and 150 pounds of poon
    • Permit Page
      Mini-doppelganger gets its due.
  • 2013 Fall Contents

    Drake 2013 fall Issue
    • Chasing love in Eleuthera, chasing trout in the U.P., chasing stripers in NYC, and chasing bass in Florida. Also: loving jetties and sandwiches, but hating muskies (sorta).
    • The Catch
    • Bugs
    • City Limits
    • Rod Holders
    • The Fish Counters
    • Backcountry
    • Permit Page
  • 2013 Summer Contents

    Drake 2013 Summer Issue
  • 2013 Spring Contents

    Drake 2013 Spring Issue
    • New Water
    • Return of the Clark Fork
    • Ride with Clyde V
    • Fishing with Kids
    • Zero Dark Thirty
    • Extraction Blues
    • Third Time"'"s the Charm
    • Aesthetics of Death
    • North Fork Blues
    • Bones on Top
    • Dick McGuire
    • Boulder Boat Works
    • True Colors
    • Adam DeBruin
    • Get Ready to Rumble
    • Injustice
    • Buying the Farm
    • The Way of the Spey
    • Re-Moved to Alaska
    • My Spot, Burned
    • Southie Serendipity
    • Hotel California
    • Vernacular
    • My Morning Tarpon
    • Blue Bastard
    • The Water Hazard
    • Seeing Red
    • American Muddler
    • Chinook Winds
    • The Crux
    • The Salvation of Stoneflies
    • Richmond, Virginia
    • Working Man
    • Floating the Flathead
    • Remembering Jon Ain
  • 2012 Winter Contents

    Drake 2013 Winter Issue
    • Winter 2013: Put-In
    • Undammed Rivers Revival
    • Escape to Scorpion Reef
    • Bill McMillan
    • Ride with Clyde Part IV
    • Beach Boys
    • Medalhead
    • Tagging Alberto
    • Andrew Bennett
    • 7 Traits of the Tropical Dog
    • Please Release Me
    • Dark Knight of Bristol Bay
    • Fishin The Boat
    • Wind with a Change of Stripers
    • Vice Dreams
    • Chocolate Milk Creek
  • 2012 Fall Contents

    Drake 2012 Fall Issue
  • 2012 Summer Contents

    Drake 2012 Summer Issue
  • 2012 Spring Contents

    Drake 2012 Spring Issue
    • vampires on the Hoh
    • Punta Allen permit
    • Grand Rapids kings
    • striper candy
    • flyfishing photographers
    • flyfishing limericks
    • and why Bob White still paints
  • 2011 Winter Contents

    Drake 2011 Winter Issue
    • Belize bonefish
    • South Carolina redfish
    • ski pass for fisherman
    • Texas smallmouth
    • Felt Soul update
    • permit rods
    • winter steelheading
    • Occupy Duval Street
    • striper status
    • New Jersey trout
    • Panama
    • scuds
    • and camping with Justin Bieber
  • 2011 Fall Contents

    Drake 2011 Fall Issue
    • Thomas McGuane catches the last steelhead
    • Rock Creek, MT
    • Michigan carp
    • Maine brookies
    • Wyoming cutties
    • Wisconsin pike
    • New York Albies
    • peacocks in the canals
    • anchovies in the bay
    • stripers in the surf
    • Trey Combs
    • Baja roosters
    • midge over mayfly
    • Bighorn over everything
    • Charles Bukowski goes steelheading
    • and David DiBenedetto goes crazy
  • 2011 Summer Contents

    Drake 2011 Summer Issue
    • Callibaetis
    • Brazilian peacocks
    • public lands
    • permit flies
    • steelheading Oregon
    • flyfishing Denver
    • two more emergers
  • 2011 Spring Contents

    Drake 2011 Spring Issue
    • Michigan regs battle
    • believing in barracuda
    • flyfishing apps
    • Glacier National Park
    • North Platte
    • Georgia coast
    • Grand Canyon
    • Alaskan steelhead
    • yellow drakes
    • John Turcot
    • and one great letter from a Marine
  • 2010 Fall/Winter Contents

    Drake 2010 Fall/Winter Issue
    • Skeena Steelhead
    • How to Spot a Striper Fisherman
    • Snook vs. Snookie
    • October Caddis
    • N.C. Albies
    • Fishing NYC
    • Derek DeYoung
    • Mag Bay
    • and Saving Silver Creek
  • 2010 Winter/Spring Contents

    Drake 2010 Winter/Spring Issue
    • Montana Backcountry
    • Stripers in the Surf
    • Snook at Night
    • Redfish at Dawn
    • Oregon Steel
    • Alaskan Coho
    • Henry’s Fork
    • San Juan
    • Skwalas
    • Bluewings
    • Bonefish
    • and a Very Scary Fly Tyer
  • 2009 Winter Contents

    Drake 2009 Winter Issue
    • Recession Fish
    • Birth of a Fly Tyer
    • Winter Reds
    • Arizona Bass
    • Night Stripers
    • Stoneflies
    • and a Girlfriend’s guide to Flyfishing
  • 2009 Fall Contents

    Drake 2009 Fall Issue
    • Steelhead
    • Stripers
    • Dorado
    • Brown Trout
    • Backcountry Snook
    • Lowcountry Redfish
    • Florida Bass
    • Atlantic Salmon
    • some cool bugs
    • and why carp are so hot right now
  • 2008 Fall Contents

    Drake 2008 Fall Issue
    • Hoodoo Voodoo
    • Fall Photo Gallery
    • Grand Canyons
    • Belize Beatdown
    • Rod Holders: Bob Clay
    • Bugs: Beetlemania
  • 2008 Spring Contents

    Drake 2008 Spring Issue
    • Water Dogs
    • The Magical Mystery Tailwater Tour
    • Faces of Flyfishing
    • Close Calls
    • Page Six Chix
    • Gear Closet
  • 2007 Fall Contents

    Drake 2007 Fall Issue
    • Big Bass
    • Angry Albies
    • Horny Steelhead
    • Ski-town trout
    • Fiddler Crabs
    • Socal Sharks
    • Wingshooting
    • Montana Backcountry
    • and one unsolved mystery
  • 2007 Spring Contents

    Drake 2007 Spring Issue
    • The B List - Beauty Below the Radar
    • Oregon - Deschutes, Clackamas, Sandy
    • The Florida Keys - A Trio of Top Tarpon Guides
    • Northwest Steelhead
    • Wisconsin Muskies
    • Nantucket Stripers
  • 2006 Contents

    Drake 2006 Issue
    • Baywatch: Bristol, Ascension, San Fran, Tampa, Chesepeake
    • Seven Shooters: Picture Takers and Their Pictures
    • Dorado on the Fly
    • Carp on the Flats
    • New Orleans on the Mend
    • Smithhammer on the Road
  • 2005 Contents

    Drake 2005 Issue
    • LIVE TROUT FISHING by Brad Bohen
    • MOOD SWING by Tyler Hughen
    • FLYFISHING, A TO Z by Tom Bie
    • PAGE SIX CHICKS - 2 flyfishers, 2 photographers.
    • RISES
    • TIPPETS - Essays
    • BUGS - The dirt on damselflies
    • RODHOLDERS - Robert Gorman of Green River Rods
    • CITY LIMITS - Cutthroat of Seattle are calling
    • GEAR CLOSET - Speywatch: Two-handed rod revolution
  • 2003 Contents

    Drake 2003 Issue
    • P.J. O’ Rourke goes Cat Fishing
    • John Geirach gets High
    • Rick Ruoff Reminisces
  • 2002 Contents

    Drake 2002 Issue
    • Stripers and
    • Steelhead and
    • Sex, Oh My