2010 Fall/Winter Contents

Drake 2010 Fall/Winter Issue
  • Skeena Steelhead
  • How to Spot a Striper Fisherman
  • Snook vs. Snookie
  • October Caddis
  • N.C. Albies
  • Fishing NYC
  • Derek DeYoung
  • Mag Bay
  • and Saving Silver Creek
This issue of The Drake went to press on May 20, exactly one month after the disastrous oil rig explosion off the Louisiana coast. With 24-hour news coverage providing in-depth, up-to-the-minute details on containment efforts, and with many “experts” sharing their thoughts on television and message boards, we went to the source, and asked for thoughts from some of the guides who know the marsh best. —The Editors.

With apologies to Texas, there’s a saying down on the bayou: “Everything’s bigger in Loueeziana.” And it’s true—the parties, the people, the personalities, the music, the fish, the flavors, and, unfortunately, the fuckups. Just as New Orleans and the coastal communities to the south seemed to be turning the tide after Katrina, that tide now runs black. The natural disaster of Katrina, which was prophesied years earlier and brought home to all of us in images of a flooded city, proved that things really are bigger in the Bayou State. It was a worst-case scenario that shocked even those who had forecast the event. But now it looks possible that the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and the failure of the “failsafe” valve to shut off the flow of oil, could become the largest environmental disaster ever. If continued attempts to shut off the well remain unsuccessful, and clean-up efforts fail, the destruction of coastal wetlands will make the Katrina crisis seem insignificant.