2012 Fall Contents

Drake 2012 Fall Issue
Image: Jim Klug

The term “dude” first appeared in 1883’s The Home and Farm Manual describing an ill-bred and ostentatious city dweller. It was refined to describe the Easterners, decked out by Abercrombie & Fitch, who trekked west to hunt, ride, and play at ranching. Among its contemporary uses, my favorite describes the argot preferred by youngish flyfishing guides composed of one part surfer lingo, one part passive-aggressive machismo, and one part bong hit.

Image: Jeremy Hollman
Barter makes the flyfishing world go ’round

Can I return this reel? It’s brand new, never spooled up.
Sure, do you have the receipt?
Well, we can’t accept a return without a receipt.
Why not?