Back Issue Content: 2014

First Bone

Appreciating the introduction

The act of walking across a white-sand flat, knee-deep in endless shades of blue, is made much more interesting by bonefish. Especially if you’ve never caught one. After a few days spent searching empty water on the Bahamian island of Exuma, we drove down a twisted dirt road, past rotting cars and abandoned dishwashers, and finally found a promising flat. We were DIYers, looking to catch them on our own, but only if Ray didn’t kill us first.

The Blue Duffel

Special delivery in The Last Frontier

The Alaska Railroad winter train runs 360 miles between Anchorage and Fairbanks on the weekends, and it will drop you off anywhere along the track, much of it otherwise inaccessible wilderness. My fishing partner, Dan, and I used to work for the railroad in Anchorage, me as a PR flack and he as the chief railroad cop.

Pesca Maya’s energy revolution

Pesca Maya’s energy revolution

Rogelio Velasco has owned Yucatan-based Pesca Maya fishing resort for 19 years, so he knows the challenge of producing off-the-grid electricity, especially for power-hungry air conditioners. Pesca Maya, like all Ascension Bay resorts, sits inside the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, where power lines don’t exist and aren’t forthcoming. So instead, most lodges rely on diesel generators and “battery banks”—essentially, collections of car batteries stacked side-by-side.