Steel Tail

Episode #3 of The DrakeCast follows guide Donnie Richards down Michigan's Pere Marquette River. Along the way, we learn the history of the river, challenge a DNR fisheries biologist, and discover what makes the PM great.


FishViews, a startup based in Wimberly, Texas, is adding new features to your summer “river float” plans—providing anglers, rafters, government agencies, and conservation organizations with interactive 360-degree digital maps of a growing list of American and worldwide waterways. Similar to the Google Street View platform you use to spy on your neighbors, the technology allows anglers to scout and navigate entire river systems from the comfort of a recliner. No PFDs required.

Sunset Clyde

Episode #2 of The DrakeCast searches through the ashes of the fire that ravaged Great Smoky Mountains National Park this past November. Give 'er a listen.

DrakeCast Logo

Episode #1 of The DrakeCast follows grammy-winning musicians through Northern Wisconsin. Their melancholy music fills the background as we uncover the band’s rise to fame and subsequent quest for solitude. 

Frustrated that The Drake only comes out four times a year? Well now there’s more. Introducing The Drake’s new weekly podcast, The DrakeCast. Just like the magazine, we’re bringing you stories--some fun, some serious. Every Friday you’ll get reporting, history, humor, and flyfishing. The first two episodes of The DrakeCast are available below.