eastern_risesMountainfilm at Telluride begins on May 28. This year's showdown includes Eastern Rises, Ben Knight and Travis Rummel's awaited Kamchatka film—a mash-up of wicked trouting and Big Foot's biopic. Also featured is Chris Malloy's 180 South, retracing the 1968 Mt. Fitzroy adventures of Yvon Chouinard, Doug Tompkins, and Lito Tejada-Flores.

Club_Soda10. Have you tried club soda?
9. Relax, BP says it's under control
8. Shhh... "Dancing with the Stars" is on
7. Swiffer that sum'bitch
6. Ask John McCain how they handled the great oil spill of '23
5. Don't look at me, I voted for Kucinich!
4. If you got an extension cord, I got a Shop Vac Wet 'N Dry
3. Oil spill?
2. I thought Iron Man was on it
1. Invade Iraq

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ChristmasIf Mother Ocean and Father Time are listening, I have a plea: Give me another trip to Christmas Island! I want a rematch under clear sky and stable weather.

CaddisFlyCall it a raging blizzard, call it the Mother's Day hatch, the on-again, off-again caddis fly hatch on the Arkansas River is on again.

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earth-drowing-in-oilBP Blob Looms—Local Fisheries Still Buoyant
TAMPA — The oil spill in the northern Gulf has shut down fishing from the Mississippi River to the Florida Panhandle but has had little effect so far on local fisheries and shipping lines. As the immense blob of oil gets closer to the Gulf of Mexico's Loop Current, the anxiety grows for people in the Tampa Bay area who ply those waters for a living. Jason Prieto owns Steady Action Fishing Charters in Gibsonton and books fishing trips in the shallow waters off the coasts of Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. He says, the oil, should it reach Tampa Bay, would destroy the ecosystems of the red fish, trout, mackerel, tarpon and other species that shallow-water boat charters thrive on.
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Dome Charged with Containing Slick the Size of Small Country
BP prepared Tuesday to deploy a 98-tonne containment "dome" to try and stem a tide of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and avert an environmental catastrophe. Depending on the wind direction, the dome is considered the best short-term solution.
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VokeyVokey, Yoga, and Fly Fishing
"You cannot believe the comparison of how much Zen and how much peace there is in fishing," she says.Source Link