Mike Dawes has a fishing problem. He's been wading saltwater flats since the impressionable age of seven. He's a veteran player on the permit tourney circuit. He's even starred in couple of film tour flicks. But perhaps the biggest struggle he's had to overcome in his flyfishing career didn't involve a dour fish or a fouled Merkin. Instead, Dawes has long been battling ways to make operations smoother for a flyshop that during peak season (aka now) employs dozens of guides on a daily basis. His solution? Better software.

Join us next week in Orlando, Florida for another legendary party celebrating the hottest flyfishing films from the past 12 months at The Drake's 11th Annual Flyfishing Video Awards.

Ride with Clyde flyfishing podcast

Episode #4 of The DrakeCast traces the beginning of an infamous car's adventure from Wisconsin to Texas. We're going to Ride with Clyde. Along the way we'll meet a state trooper, a few unique motel owners, and hear some behind the scenes audio recorded on Clyde's bench seat when no one was looking. We'll also learn about The Drake Magazine's Big Year Contest.

From Tight Loops, the flyfishing collective with a soft spot for old Volkswagens, Northern Exposure follows Chase and Aimee Bartee as they chase a phantom cicada hatch on Maryland's Savage River and then reconnect with their Northeastern roots. "Don't expect to see any geotags of these rivers on Instagram, the folks up there keep it pretty close to the chest, but if you make the effort and earn your stripes, I guarantee you’ll be put on a 3+ pound, wild Maine squaretail in no time. The only question is; how the hell are we going to top that?"

Facing ripping winds and tarpon of the hard to find variety, podium experience proved to be the key ingredient for top anglers grinding it out at the 54th Annual Invitational Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament in Islamorada, Florida, with the three winning teams having all been past Grand Champions.