Lemieux, with a steal your face salmon

David Lemieux's long, strange trip

David Lemieux wears many hats, and every one of them bears a "Steal Your Face" logo. He's the official Grateful Dead archivist. He's also the Dead's legacy manager with Rhino Records, the host of "Today in Grateful Dead History" on Sirius XM radio's Grateful Dead channel, and a writer for the Dead's official website, For nearly 20 years—and, really, since he was 13 years old—Lemieux has built his life around the Dead. Now 47, he's made a career out of the music that he loves. He handpicks the recordings for the band's archival releases, known as "Dave's Picks" (Formerly "Dick's Picks," after Lemieux's mentor, the late Dick Latvala). He also produces a Grateful Dead box set every year, and was the music producer for last year's Grateful Dead documentary, Long Strange Trip, which was nominated for a Grammy.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 39 Chuck Ragan David Ragan Fathers Day

Before Chuck Ragan appeared in the 2018 F3T Film "Landsick," he was a musician, a fishing guide, and a father. But before Ragan acheived any of these titles, he was a son. This episode of The DrakeCast is a celebration of fatherhood and the outdoors. Tune in as we follow Chuck Ragan's rebellion against his father that eventually led to a deep relationship with music (Hot Water Music) and flyfishing ( 

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 38 Striped Bass Stripers on Lake Hartwell

Though native to the coastal rivers of the Atlantic seaboard, you can now find Striped Bass in just about every state below the Mason-Dixon line. We chose to chase these creatures on Lake Hartwell which forms the border between Georgia and South Carolina. While we’re on the water we learned about the history of the area discussed whether or not this fishery is healthy. And we don’t mean that in an ecological sense; we mean in relation to our health as humans.

Beyond the Horizon is a story of redemption and personal discovery made possible via the exploration of a new permit fishery located 160 miles east of Guanaja, Honduras. If you missed catching it at the film tour, check out the full cut of the Faraway Cay saga, below, from our friends at Cold Collaborative. Read more on how the film came together, here.

the DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 37 Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

Mosquito Lagoon sits on Florida's East Coast and is known as the redfish capitol of the world. We made a visit to these hallowed waters to see what all the hubbub is about. While poling around in search of tails, we found a much more interesting, disturbing tale of neglect, destruction, and a fishery on the edge. By the end of this episode we'll have to ask ourselves about the effectiveness of every current conservation project around the world.