Last year Sunshine State Gov. Rick Scott signed landmark legislation that called for a catch-all reservoir to be built below Lake Okeechobee in order to improve the spiraling health of the Everglades. Unfortunately, designs for the project recently submitted by the Water Management District don't do enough. And in short, experts say we need a lot more land to fix the problems.

Snake River angler comes up short

Poaching steelhead is a time honored tradition among degenerate anglers. But, hacking the tail off a B-run buck to comply with size restrictions is certainly a new technique.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast Fish on the Brain Tim Evans

Last week, we had a chance to catch up with Tim Evans. He's a salesman that lives in Casper, Wyoming but you most likely to know him as the man behind the Fish on the Brain podcast. This episode documents Tim's entry into the world of flyfishing, podcasting, and storytelling. While we cover those topics, we've also spliced in a few choice clips from both The DrakeCast and Fish on the Brain. David Mangum, Jeff Currier, narcissism, and Napoleon complexes all make appearances.

With runs hovering in the hundreds, British Columbia's Thompson River steelhead have been in steady decline since the '90s. The imperiled stock hit a record low last fall, when returns were estimated at less than 200 fish. Despite the numbers, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (“DFO”) permitted commercial and First Nations gillnet chum salmon fisheries during peak steelhead migration.

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When there is fourteen inches of ice on the local pond, the fly rod normally stays in the closet and the we resign ourselves to dreaming of the Bahamas while working at the vice. But there are a few flyfishers out there who won't take no for an answer. This week we follow anglers Lucky Porter and Hansi Johnson into the woods of Northern Minnesota in search of pike. "This is primal. You’re going to stick this thing in a fish. Nothing about this says catch and release, that thing just says kill. Fear the spear."