Bureau of Reclamation Deputy Commissioner Alan Mikkelsen has made it clear that the Interior Department will not try to scrub what’s slated to be the largest river restoration project in U.S. history—the removal of four hydroelectric dams from the 236-mile Klamath River starting in 2020.

Junior's Water

Another day on the Delaware

This was once one of my favorite spots in the Catskills. Paul and I used to fish it a lot before he moved to Montana. It's a good place for Isonychias in the fall, and fishing a big dry in October in the East is something to be relished. I was last here more than a decade ago, just before the nearly 60 undeveloped acres on the river's eastern bank were sold.

Jim Dietz (poling) and Josh gallivan, headhunting in the sheepy. Photo: Hollis Bennett

Competition runs deep in the Biloxi Marsh

Booze consumed me as I sat listless in the upper bar of the Dogwood; a restored Mississippi riverboat docked a few hundred yards east of the Hopedale, Louisiana, boat launch. For the next two days and nights, the Dogwood would serve as home and headquarters to anglers competing in the 2017 Sheepy tournament—a tongue-in-cheek backcountry contest for New Orleans-area flyfishing guides.

Uncertain Waters

The dubious promise of an aging pipeline

I've made a lot of trips between northern Minnesota and northern Michigan. Usually I'm fishing my way across, hunting hex-eating browns and flats-cruising smallies in July, and backwoods muskies in November. By far the fishiest route is U.S. 2 through the Upper Peninsula and across the Mackinac Bridge down into the top of the mitten; it features three Great Lakes, four national forests, a handful of state forests, and so many lakes and streams that your neck gets sore from craning.

Understanding the Waters of the United States rule

The first places I explored as a kid, outside of my backyard, were the small creeks and wetlands near my home. They were full of tadpoles, salamanders, and, if we were lucky, turtles. I spent countless hours trying to fit various animals into Mason jars, but mostly I just covered myself in mud.