New Orleans in August is a cacophony of brass horns, sweat, and an electric undercurrent of danger. As of last week, flyfishing joined the melee with the arrival of the 2012 International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) show. Impressions of the event: Yes, Josh was robbed at gunpoint and proceeded to make his money back to the tune of 2 grand the following evening. (Thanks, Harrah’s.) Yes, the One is a rad rod. And yes, we scored a pair of Abel nippers for our efforts. (Thanks, Jeff.) And no, the fishing didn’t suck, mostly thanks to our guide, Bear Holeman, who located big reds despite tough conditions and dropping his bowels off the back of the skiff. Although much of the week remains a blur of Hurricane cocktails and little sleep, we made it back to Colorado on Monday unscathed. The following is a text-by-text recap of what went down.