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Unlicensed carp fishing in Washington State is not a crime. And mirror and common varieties are your fully sanctioned targets at the First Annual Carp Jamboree hosted by Emerald Water Anglers on August 11 to 12. All you need is 60 bucks (for the entry fee), plus a camera and tape measure to record the evidence.

Earlier today, Pacific NorthWest LNG—the controversial $11.4-billion gas export project looking to set up shop in British Columbia's Skeena River estuary—was deemed dead in the water by the Malaysian state-controlled oil and gas giant Petronas.

Brought to you by another year of high-caliber flyfishing films, The Drake’s 11th Annual Video Awards in Orlando last week saw the crowds pour in to celebrate creativity, sharp storytelling, and gripping fishing footage across a spectrum of honored categories.

Whether that D loop's looking a little deflated or you're searching for a proper summertime bash, the 5th Annual Klickitat Two-Hander Day, on August 12, offers a full spey-casting curriculum followed by a feast under the stars. The free gathering is for those who'd like to learn not only how to cast the two-hander better and farther, but also how to fish it.

Join us next week in Orlando, Florida for another legendary party celebrating the hottest flyfishing films from the past 12 months at The Drake's 11th Annual Flyfishing Video Awards.

From Tight Loops, the flyfishing collective with a soft spot for old Volkswagens, Northern Exposure follows Chase and Aimee Bartee as they chase a phantom cicada hatch on Maryland's Savage River and then reconnect with their Northeastern roots. "Don't expect to see any geotags of these rivers on Instagram, the folks up there keep it pretty close to the chest, but if you make the effort and earn your stripes, I guarantee you’ll be put on a 3+ pound, wild Maine squaretail in no time. The only question is; how the hell are we going to top that?"

Facing ripping winds and tarpon of the hard to find variety, podium experience proved to be the key ingredient for top anglers grinding it out at the 54th Annual Invitational Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament in Islamorada, Florida, with the three winning teams having all been past Grand Champions.


FishViews, a startup based in Wimberly, Texas, is adding new features to your summer “river float” plans—providing anglers, rafters, government agencies, and conservation organizations with interactive 360-degree digital maps of a growing list of American and worldwide waterways. Similar to the Google Street View platform you use to spy on your neighbors, the technology allows anglers to scout and navigate entire river systems from the comfort of a recliner. No PFDs required.