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Breaking News: Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduces bill to sell off excess Utah congressmen

Responding to public outcry from millions of American hunters and anglers over an endless stream of Utah-spawned public-land transfer bills, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden this morning introduced legislation that calls for the responsible disposal of five Utah Congressmen "deemed to serve no purpose for taxpayers."

For millennia, the Deschutes sent cold, clear flows through central Oregon's parched high-desert expanses. That changed in 2009, when Portland General Electric (PGE) began dumping vile bile-green surface water from Lake Billy Chinook into the lower D. The results have been murderous for trout and steelhead, marvelous for smallies. The Deschutes River Alliance last year filed a lawsuit against PGE, alleging over a thousand Clean Water Act infractions. Here's a glimpse into why.

Bristol Bay, Alaska, is counting on an explosive year. At least when it comes to fish, with more than 40 million returning sockeye salmon in the 2017 forecast. But it could also be a big year for dusting off backhoes thanks to a new administration that, according to Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd., now has "a desire to permit Pebble."

David Mangum likes tarpon. So much so that he built himself a paraglider to scout new locations. And so much that he deploys a skull for a buoy to mess with interloping boats. Keep your distance, he's earned that spot. 120 Days from Felt Soul Media and YETI succinctly captures the dedication it takes to live the poon-fiend dream.

As inauguration day looms (tweet, you're it Trump), the Obama admin has been blazing toward its finish line signing into effect an ambitious list of environmental protections. The latest pen stroke is being hailed as a win for Oregon and California salmon and steelhead, cementing a 20-year ban on any new mining across more than 100,000 acres of public lands in the Wild and Scenic Illinois, Rogue, and Smith River watersheds, and portions of Pistol River and Hunter Creek in Southwest Oregon.

Once upon a time, northwestern California's Eel River was a heavy-hitter when it came to wild salmon and steelhead production. Today, it's been heavily hit by a thirsty marijuana industry and usual suspects including logging, mining, damming and more. Despite the damage, experts believe the Eel represents the best opportunity to restore historic fish abundance in California. And CalTrout is leading the way toward restoration with a headwaters-to-sea approach, detailed here.

Tallahassee, FL—Hustling in the shadows of top fly tyers like Charlie Barr, Stevie Ray Merkin, and that guy who made worms sparkle isn’t easy. So when 42-year-old vise jockey Jimmy Proctor exchanged his bobbin for an embroidery hoop, no one was too surprised.

Central Oregon's Crooked River has all the trappings of a flyfishing utopia, complete with a rugged Wild and Scenic stretch that back in 2013 held as many as 4,000 redband rainbows per kilometer. As of today, however, its booming trout population has gone bust. Biologists are also saying 'goodbye' to its once prolific whities.