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The God Squad isn't a new Marvel spinoff. Nor is it the latest chart-topping Christian rock band. But it just might be another nightmare for ESA-listed salmon and steelhead on the Snake River.

People of Zwolle, a Netherlands municipality located east of the Amsterdam haze, are known as Blauwvingers (blue fingers). Story goes, way back when cash-strapped citizens sold church bells to a neighboring town for a pile of worthless coins. Counting the copper turned their fingers a unique shade of North Sea indigo. LOOP's predator team may have experienced a similar phenomenon—"Blue, lifeless fingers... goddammit!"—pulling eel-eaters from icy depths of this premier Pike Land. Via @looptackle

This winter, Alyssa Halls of Owl Creek Flies is gathering a group of aspiring steelheaders for an inspiring sesh on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. The Ladies Winter Steelhead Fishing Retreat & Workshop is a hands-on clinic hosted in conjunction with Brazda’s Fly Fishing that includes Skagit-style casting, steelhead fly-tying, wade fishing and swung-fly presentations—plus plenty of time on the water to develop skills. 

National Park Service (NPS) killed a record 366,000 cutthroat-gobbling, nonnative lake trout in Yellowstone Lake this year. Part of the park’s desperate effort to restore tanking native cutthroat populations, the program has dispatched about 1.5 million lakers in the last five years.

More than a month has passed since work on a decrepit diversion dam sent a trout-killing mud slurry into Wyoming’s Shoshone River. And so far, the lethal discharge is still flowing strong.

Approximately 200 federally-listed adult steelhead were discovered dead last week in the tailrace below the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Dworshak Dam on the North Fork of the Clearwater River near Orofino, Idaho. Cause of the mortalities is still under investigation, but it's believed the injuries stemmed from non-routine upgrades of the Dam’s turbine unit.

Anyone who bought an Alaska fishing license online in the last year received an email from AK Fish & Game this week. The reason? The price of a fishing license is going up. Whether you live there or not, you're going to have to shell out a few more bucks to the state.

Day-tripping Utah's Green River, via Sean Slobodan. "Flaming Gorge is absolutely otherworldly. Home to the Green River and arguably the best fishing on the planet. We were just along for the ride on this one while Grant and Grant Jr. got to catch some fish and make some memories."