Rolf Nylinder Peter Christiansen Fly Fishing In The Anthropocene

Fresh off a successful Fly Fishing Film Tour run, the latest collaboration between Rolf Nylinder and Peter Christiansen is now accessible to those who missed it on the big screen. Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene takes its viewers into the untouched wilderness of Kamchatka in search of oversized rainbows, salmon, and char. As always, Nylinder and Christiansen provide stunning shots. But in addition to the fish porn, this documentary has a story. And as the film goes on, Nylinder's comically soothing voice questions whether or not untouched wilderness still exists.

As an added bonus, musicians Ben Lester (S. Carey, Tallest Man on Earth, Sufjan Stevens, Arrow Flynn, etc.) and Sean Carey (Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, S. Carey), who we met in Episode #1 of The DrakeCast, wrote a couple songs for this documentary.