Flyshop Friday

Fort Collins, CO

Located in a Victorian home from the 1800's just minutes from Drake Headquarters in downtown Fort Collins, CO, St. Pete's Fly Shop offers a pretty distinctive environment for anglers to enjoy. The staff provides excellent customer service and advice to anglers of all skill levels. Whether it's Grant or Jin helping you out, be assured that you will get the best advice for whatever angling needs you have.

Sante Fe, New Mexico

Contrary to popular belief, northern New Mexico has more to offer than just green chili, Southwest art, and desert. In fact, Santa Fe is located smack in the middle of some of the best fly fishing the state has to offer, and with southern Colorado only a stone’s throw away, the area has more fishing opportunities than most people realize.

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Trapper Rudd purchased Arapahoe Anglers a decade ago, and promptly renamed the fly shop in Silverthorne after Colorado's state fish. Cutthroat employs five or six shop staff at the peak of the season, along with 16 to 18 guides covering such waters as the Colorado, South Platte, Arkansas, Blue, Williams Fork, and Roaring Fork, as well as some private access areas.

North Umpqua River, Oregon
It's been 30 years since Joe Howell opened the Blue Heron Fly Shop on the banks of Oregon's legendary North Umpqua. And sad as it is to admit for a native Oregonian, I just fished it for the very first time.

"Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop started in 1992 with Scott Eldredge's love of fly fishing. This was an idea he had for a fly shop that offered excellent customer service where any fly fisherman, no matter what their skill level, would feel comfortable." This is what Jim Bernstien, the manager, told me four years ago. To this day, they offer some of the best customer service I have seen any where.

I remember the first time I walked into the old log-and-brick cabin in downtown Jackson. I suppose we all have an archetype in our head of what the ideal fly shop should look-and perhaps more importantly-feel like, and for me HCF was it - it had the requisite funk, character, sense of history, whatever you want to call it. That elusive "something" that can't be manufactured or contrived, a vibe that can only grow slowly, and never intentionally, over time.

Four Seasons Fly Shoppe interiorFour Seasons Fly Shoppe in LaGrande, Oregon, represents everything I love about the Eastern half of my home state. The entire region exposes much of western Montana as the playground for hobby-ranching Hollywood types that it has become. If you want to see a landscape dripping with old-school authenticity, then consider Enterprise, not Ennis.