Kinda like Midwestern school teachers, with wings

CHASING HATCHES IS STUPID and obnoxious. I know. I've tried. Pursuing particular insects insures that the potential for disappointment will dwarf the likelihood of success. If us fishing media folk are to be believed (also a bad idea), fishing is an appreciation of the moment, being present, or some other Baba Ram Das shit. Planning for, and expecting to control, something as ephemeral as when bugs emerge from the water just seems arrogant and maybe a little entitled.

Spot Check

Thoughts on a badass birthmark

"I got one once that had a spot shaped like Mickey Mouse ears— for real," says Captain John Turcot, referring to one of the more memorable markings he's encountered over his two decades of hunting reds in Florida's Mosquito Lagoon.


Where there's a will, there's a tow truck

"ARE YOU SURE that car's gonna make it?" the gas station employee asked, without knowing our destination. Clyde was the only one who knew the answer. Instinct and lack of mechanical competence told me to trust him.

T-Motion theater's latest vid fires up the chopper and points it toward the remote reaches of British Columbia's Skeena River system to search for big kings (10 to 90+ pounds) on the swing. "Steelhead are the most sought-after fish in this province, but by far the chinook pull a lot harder." Anglers on camera include Adrienne Comeau, who guides for Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness & Lodge, and Steve McPhail, owner of Nass River Steelhead Company out of Terrace.

This week Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) shared the results from its two-year Tarpon Genetic Program that, thanks to the efforts of anglers, guides, lodges, and researchers, saw more than 23,000 scale samples collected from across the world. Nice work people.