The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast Tarpon BTT

In early May, we headed south to the Florida Keys to grab Clyde and deliver him north. But while we were down there, we figured we better get into some tarpon. But we weren't just there to jump of even catch a tarpon. It’s what we were going to do after landing the fish that really matters, and will have a long-lasting impact on what we know about these oversized minnows.

Video Daze Russel Owen A Normal Life Filson

Fishing the remote waters of Alaska’s Alagnak River is a dream shared by countless trout bums. While that dream is Russel Owen's reality, it came at a cost. For a look inside Owen's abnormal existance, check out the new video from Filson:

California Salmon Steelhead

If you (or a good friend) enjoy the outdoors and live in California, this is a must-read. In 2017, the California state legislature passed Senate Bill 5, which will allow the issuance of bonds to finance drought-recovery, water, parks, climate and outdoor access programs. That bill, now known as Proposition 68, will appear on California voters’ June 5 primary ballot. Prop 68 proposes the allocation of $4.1 billion for state and local park systems, water sustainability measures, natural disaster recovery, as well as wildlife and habitat restoration.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast The Road Trip Steelhead Mousing F3T

These episodes of the DrakeCast conclude the Road Trip Miniseries, which follows the Fly Fishing Film Tour road crew as they make their way from coast to coast to coast. In episode #34 we'll hear about the steelhead of Oregon and their Michigander cousins. Episode #35 tracks the team from Michigan to Georgia to California to Colorado. Along the way you'll hear stories about a night bite on the White, some shad loving yokels, and where the crew is headed next.

Atlantic Salmon: Lost at Sea

While it’s clear that Atlantic Salmon numbers are only 40 percent of what they were thirty years ago, no one knows exactly why these fish are disappearing at such an alarming rate. A team led by Dierdre Brennan, producer/director of the documentary Atlantic Salmon: Lost at Sea, traversed six countries over the past eight years, looking for clues. The documentary, a selection of the Sonoma Film Festival, combines BBC-quality cinematography with historical narration (by an Irishman nonetheless) as the crew follows the salmon from their natal rivers, through the estuaries, into the vast North Atlantic and back again, searching for answers before it is too late.