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I hate the dentist more than anyone. I spent 15 years avoiding them after skipping out on my wisdom tooth removal appointment. 15 years later I was struck with a pain that laid me out on the floor crying like a baby in front of my wife and kids. I called a buddy of mine that happens to be a dentist ...

Re: so much gay, so little time (no offence)

 by Red Humpy ¦  Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:42 am ¦  Forum: Bitching Room for Whiny People Who Bore Us to Tears ¦  Topic: so much gay, so little time (no offence) ¦  Replies: 97 ¦  Views: 9929

I was given a pair as a gift about two months ago. I lost the standard sole of the left one Saturday while chasing these. It is a size 10 for the left foot if anyone has one. I can not bring myself to spend any money on them as, as they have only been used twice and are gonna start costing money alr...

Re: shock collars

 by Red Humpy ¦  Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:44 pm ¦  Forum: Bitching Room for Whiny People Who Bore Us to Tears ¦  Topic: shock collars ¦  Replies: 72 ¦  Views: 10106

Check your wife for pregnancy. I have one that has been calm for a long time and just turned vicious on anyone new. Also, please post more pics of the unicorn place. I will need something to keeps spirits up between bottle warming and diaper genie routines.

Re: shock collars

 by Red Humpy ¦  Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:39 pm ¦  Forum: Bitching Room for Whiny People Who Bore Us to Tears ¦  Topic: shock collars ¦  Replies: 72 ¦  Views: 10106

Not been around in a while but I am familiar with your burden. I have a 18 month old Black lab. This is the fourth that we have gotten out of the bloodline. All have been easy going and friendly. This one, not so much. Never off lead in public other than at my office (comes to work every day), in th...

Re: Pay it Forward Chumps - Revised Rules

 by Red Humpy ¦  Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:06 pm ¦  Forum: Classifieds ¦  Topic: Pay it Forward Chumps - Revised Rules ¦  Replies: 1757 ¦  Views: 135350

Spicy, I would like said reel. I am going through my garage now.

Must Sell: Humpy Hilton

 by Red Humpy ¦  Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:33 pm ¦  Forum: Classifieds ¦  Topic: Must Sell: Humpy Hilton ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 1427

I am looking for recommendations for a lodge & guide to entertain three business clients. They will expect hot meals, lunches, and the lodge feel and a ride in a drift boat. I am stuck to somewhere in CO. I know nothing of this bullshit, and I assume neither do you. Pic Hilton: Slave can testify to ...

Re: Pennsylvania - HURT ME

 by Red Humpy ¦  Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:45 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Pennsylvania - HURT ME ¦  Replies: 22 ¦  Views: 2592

Go fuck yourself!
:Roll Eyes

Re: Summer of Smoke and Haze

 by Red Humpy ¦  Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:35 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Summer of Smoke and Haze (floods, mudslides, and pestilence) ¦  Replies: 174 ¦  Views: 17492

Raining like a bitch just south of you. Hope you are getting some of this.

Re: Luau Bake 2012

 by Red Humpy ¦  Tue May 15, 2012 10:36 am ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Luau Bake 2012 ¦  Replies: 138 ¦  Views: 10892

Right -O . He will be out of town,. I will steal it and return before he gets back. Someone please bring a patch kit.


Re: Luau Bake 2012

 by Red Humpy ¦  Tue May 15, 2012 10:16 am ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Luau Bake 2012 ¦  Replies: 138 ¦  Views: 10892

90% Chance that I will be making an appearance for the earlier date. Please let me know nearest city so that I can notify probation officer.


Re: Simms

 by Red Humpy ¦  Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:08 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Simms ¦  Replies: 99 ¦  Views: 8948

an old favorite worth reading again: Author unknown A couple of weeks ago we decided to cruise out to Ryan's Steakhouse for dinner. It was a Wednesday night which means that macaroni and beef was on the hot bar, indeed the only night of the week that it is served. Wednesday night is also kid's night...

Re: I got nuthin'

 by Red Humpy ¦  Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:24 am ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: I got nuthin' ¦  Replies: 11 ¦  Views: 1775

Kyner wrote:
Lando wrote:
FatBrown wrote:Really
You have an amazing ability to drink red beer very early in the morning.

He did Sat morning 7:30 am, with a Camel Light Nail to chase it down.

Gents, how does the U look? Ice off yet. Startin to get that itch again.


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