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Re: Gone Native

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:08 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Gone Native ¦  Replies: 29 ¦  Views: 1227

656F82BB-9ABB-40A3-AB0D-DB5CE7B2309A.jpeg (173.67 KiB) Viewed 692 times

Well fuck...

Re: Rust Belt 2019

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Thu Oct 03, 2019 12:37 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Rust Belt 2019 ¦  Replies: 48 ¦  Views: 2702

cc2.jpg (240.02 KiB) Viewed 792 times

Re: Impeachment pool

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:47 am ¦  Forum: Politics ¦  Topic: Impeachment pool ¦  Replies: 97 ¦  Views: 14215

Redchaser wrote: Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:33 am I wish we had Croatia's president. Instead of watching twitter, we'd be watching titter.
I am pleased Ronnie has a keyboard...

Re: Third Stop-No JC Hot Sauce TR

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:34 am ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Third Stop-No JC Hot Sauce TR ¦  Replies: 47 ¦  Views: 5287

Getting rid of a climate denying president who campaigned on bringing back coal and has sued states for their environmental rules would do more to help those islanders than anything you have done, which I assume is quite substantial. Why don’t you finish up your wet dream in the basement and go hij...

Re: Fishing with the N'er Do Well Nephew..TR

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:05 am ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Fishing with the N'er Do Well Nephew..TR ¦  Replies: 21 ¦  Views: 2432

You brought him to some hallowed water man...
Peace Red

Re: Schools in (pg.5) TR

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Sat Sep 28, 2019 3:21 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Schools in (pg.5) TR ¦  Replies: 64 ¦  Views: 3765

LTFI brings the shit...
:cool :cool :cool

KP Patterson know about this?

Re: Third Stop-No JC Hot Sauce TR

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:16 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Third Stop-No JC Hot Sauce TR ¦  Replies: 47 ¦  Views: 5287

Cool...and 72% of septics believe in angels so they needn’t tarry over the few dispossessed...

Re: Third Stop-No JC Hot Sauce TR

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Thu Sep 26, 2019 3:47 pm ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Third Stop-No JC Hot Sauce TR ¦  Replies: 47 ¦  Views: 5287

THIS IS WHAT REMAINS The stark difference between what has been posted above and the picture below requires no elucidation... IMG_9791.PNG Any of you ever fished those flats for bones and permit know they need a solid right about now... Do what you can... At least we're not paying for birthing suite...

Re: Impeachment pool

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Thu Sep 26, 2019 3:34 pm ¦  Forum: Politics ¦  Topic: Impeachment pool ¦  Replies: 97 ¦  Views: 14215

the velcro-strap crew deigns it's a moot question really when the hollow morality sitting upon the throne sanctions the abuse of a 16 yr old climate activist then the possibility of impeachment seems beside the point he freely admits he has grabbed your wives by the pussy fucking bunch of eunuchs ca...

Re: Come on down for some good ole' Texas fishin'!

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:09 am ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Re: Come on down for some good ole' Texas fishin'! ¦  Replies: 12 ¦  Views: 850

There ya go...
The brains of this place...
New mod


Re: Impeachment pool

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:28 pm ¦  Forum: Politics ¦  Topic: Impeachment pool ¦  Replies: 97 ¦  Views: 14215

Crowdstrike: That is the company that identified Russian malware inside Ukrainian military mobile devices, which allowed the Russians to easily track Ukraine's troop movements in Eastern Ukraine at a time when Russia was claiming to have no troops of their own there. They also were hired by DNC to ...

Re: Winter steelhead fly swap 2019

 by CC Riebeeck ¦  Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:05 am ¦  Forum: Fly Tying ¦  Topic: Winter steelhead fly swap 2019 ¦  Replies: 85 ¦  Views: 3145

Third from the right...that one’s a proven killer


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