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By trouthound
Hey guys, I'll be in Jackson Hole on Saturday July 8. Never been before so anybody have a guide recomendation. Nornally I'd just venture out on my own but I will have just finished a week of family time in Big Sky MT and we are driving to JH on friday eve and flying out on Sunday and momma said I can fish so I figured I'd maximize my chances.
By capt_gordon
My plan if I were in Jackson, WY in July:1. Find a stream or creek anywhere or anyplace within driving distance of Jackson.n 2. Get out of car.n 3. Put on waders and gear.n 4. Rig up rod.n 5. Walk to stream or creek.n 6. Begin fishing for trout that are surely there.n 7. Catch said trout.n 8. Be happy as hell that you are NOT fishing for measly, little, crappy North Carolina wild trout or big, fat, corn fed, disgusting NC private stream pigs.
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By Nemo
Hey Trouthound--I've got a ton of ideas for you but I'd start by calling Baker at Westbank Anglers (800-922-3474) and seeing if you can go with John Griber for the day. John's a great guide and a member of this board and if he's in town I'm sure he'll do it.Either way, you should call Westbank or Jack Dennis Sports to book a guide because you may want to float the South Fork of the Snake (in Idaho) or the Green (south of Jackson Hole) instead of the main Snake. (You wouldn't have to drive anywhere else, the trip would still originate in Jackson.) I say this because, believe it or not, July 8th is still pretty early for fishing up there, especially in a big snow year like the one they just had. And while capt. Gordon's suggestions are good ones, the fact is that the upper Snake is sort of hard to fish on foot because of all the side channels.So, yes, there are some creeks to hit, but most of the tributaries to the Snake or Y'Stone River don't even open until July 15th, so your best bet is to book a float trip. And again—they'll take you to wherever it's fishing best—but during that time, i'd suggest looking at either the South Fork or the upper Green.
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By trouthound
Thanks nemo, I had forgotten that I had talked with some guys from Westbank at the Fly show in Charlotte this past winter. I will be calling them tomorrow. I hadn't considered the massive amounts of snow, thanks for the tip because normally I would have done just what Gordon said if I had more time.
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By Adams
I will bow to the experience of nemo, and add that you will have a hell of a good time floating the Snake, South Fork, or Green. Damned fine water. I've fished that area a couple of times, at different times fo the year. If you are limited to wading only, the Grosse Ventre has some interesting water (but I have no idea what it would be like in July). I was out there in August one year, and the Snake was still damned high and tough wading. Lots of volleyball sized, snot covered rocks. But man, were there fish around. If you ask lots of questions, you can find some wadable spots. Adams

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By trouthound
Thanks Adams, I think a float might be the way to go. I will have been hoofing it around the Gallatin river and Yellowstone park area unguided the entire previous week and a guided float might just be the ticket.

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Good Stuff right there-thank you sir.

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