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By Randall Dee
P-A wrote:Looks like good stugg Randall, hard to come by good candian stuff in bork bork land though.
In my glass its the last of the The stag and it seems almost impossible
to get a new one so cheeeers its going down in style.... :cool :cool
If you ever come across that 1910 Pendleton you need to try it. Good stuff, at least on my palate.
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By P-A
I sure will try brother!! :cool :cool
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By T.J. Brayshaw
This is good but getting harder and harder to find. I guess they're hoarding it for future Pappy. So am I, in that I'm drinking it and I'm a pappy.


(I can't figure out how to get my pictures sideways like Randall's. But soon enough, I'll be sideways.)
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By root wad
Randall, always nice to have choices you enjoy while lying down.
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By Randall Dee
root wad wrote:Randall, always nice to have choices you enjoy while lying down.
Haha. I posted those straight from my iPhone. When I look at the thread on my phone, they're standing up. But when I look at thread on my puter, they're laying down. Either way, they're good whiskies.
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By ironman
Cheers, Dad! Love it when you and Mom come to visit.
Big weekend. Dance recital, with inlaws gracing us with their presence tomorrow. Bridging ceremony for Girl Scouts Sunday with inlaws, outlaws, and welcome guests.

I was asked about the Sunday GS ceremony, all I could say, was "what do you want from me, I'm fucking the troop leader."
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By ironman
This is a local, recently released. It was $41 bucks of terrific marketing. The content was WORSE than Malort. Bathtub moonshine aged in pressure treated lumber with a hint of turpentine and an Elmer's paste glue finish.
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By 421sd
I have learnt, the hard way mind you, that most of these boutique 'distillers' are selling somebody else's barrel with a little of their own flowery urine 'blended in' to create their 'brand.'

I now try to pay attention enough to buy a bottle from someone who's been making mash at least some years longer than the age of the bottle.

Confession: I still get it wrong sometimes.......

Edit: Some Woodford Reserve is lubricating my mind this evening, feel free to critique....
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By 421sd
421sd wrote: Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:31 pm I have learnt, the hard way mind you, that most of these boutique 'distillers' are selling somebody else's barrel....
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote: Tue Jul 29, 2014 9:00 am Someone sent me this link to a bourbon article which details how many of the new 'craft' bourbons actually come from a factory distillery in Indiana or, as is the case with Whistlepig, Canada. ... diana.html

Kind of interesting, I guess. Im not sure if I feel duped yet or now as the only one mentioned that Ive ever bought is the Bulleit Rye.
Well.........looks like Heero already covered this......
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By 421sd
The other night, I compared these bottles of Michters, Four Roses and Angel's Envy. The Michters was my fave that eve. but the Four Roses was very good too.
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