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I like to cook and one of the web sites I visit had this quote for a review on "The Perfect Manhattan"
I found it quite comical...
Want the perfect manhattan? Here's what you do - pour the bourbon into one glass. Then pour everything else into another glass and give it to your wife, and hope she shuts up for 30 mins...
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By Mattb
Shit, somebody stole my recipe!

Side note - the liquor barn down in NH has had Jefferson Bourbon on sale 30% off the last couple of months. Damn fine bourbon, and when it's on sale like that I can just about justify it.
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By Red Humpy
Rhinestone Brokeback Mountain Cowboy, You probably mix that shit with Brown Trout eggs and drink it while you beat off you fucking douchebag. Shouldn't you be out giggin some invasive species today ---- maybe start with your kinfolk. :gun
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By Salmotrutta
Rhinestone Cowboy wrote:Actually I muddle the brown trout eggs in the bottom of the glass and make what I like to call an "Old-Fashioned Brown Trout." You should try it some time.

You still here Rhonda? Go suck a cock. Really.
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By Veetch
Can't beat the Bulleit for the price.... Blanton's if it's one of those "whatevah you liiiiiiiiike..." moments
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By cougarcockburn
Veetch wrote:Can't beat the Bulleit for the price....
That shit puts a whole new meaning to "sippin'" whiskey. Frontier rough fer sure.
I'm not going to ruin someone else's thread with insults
I know Drakians and your no Drakian....
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