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By T.J. Brayshaw
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:hahhaaa. i can dig it. basicly buy the weller if you can't aford the pappy. I have the weller in my drawer if you know what I mean.
I have the 7 year old Weller. It's become my "go to" bourbon. My shop has the 12 year old, but I don't know the price. I'll check it out if it's not too much.

I read somewhere that the Weller and the Pappy use the exact same mashbill.
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By Meatwad
So I bought a Bulleit the other day, cool bottle and all. But after reading this thread I realized it has no age...Does that mean , Per NO clue, that it's only 24 mos on the barrel? IF so, that's sorta lame, but it tastes decent enough for me, a beer and whisky fan.
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By T.J. Brayshaw
No Idea wrote:January 2012- Bourbon dinner featuring PVW. Rep mentions too bad about my Wl Weller favorite. Seems PVW bought a bunch of barrels of 7 year WL Weller before it got dumped and bottled. Sure enough
February 2012- I see first new expression of WL Weller sans 7 year old label on the neck. It now reads 90 proof where the 7 once was printed.
June 2012 found a few remnant bottles at a liquor store far from home.
August 2012 Garden and Gun does yet another PVW article. Shit.

PVW will release again in October 2012. I'm sure lines of wealthy fans will race to buy their bottles for Fall homecomings and hunt clubs.

WL Weller fans took a hit this year. If you can find the 12 year old Weller ante up the $19-$25 and try not to think of the travesty that occurred this year. Evan Williams did it a few years back, Wild Turkey did it a decade ago. The bourbon hype has brought out some great whiskey, but it has also been the demise of blue collar budgeting for a decent bar whiskey at the house.

Bourbon has always made it's way down to New Orleans where enterprising businessmen have made good money buying and selling it. Sazerac Company Inc shows that this model still holds true, heck they bought some of the distilleries in KY. It's easier to find 12 year Weller in a NOLA grocery store than it is in a Spirit shop in KY.

Went to my shop yesterday, and the 7 year old Weller is now gone. They had several bottles of the 12 year old, but I didn't want to shell out the cash. I headed to another place where I'd seen the 7, and they no longer have it - just big bottles that no longer state the age, just "90 proof", just as you said.

So, what exactly is this new expression? Any ideas? Is it an entirely different bourbon, or just some of the 7 that they have bottled in a different bottle?
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By Meatwad
Thanks to the Drake and the Sour Mash Manifesto

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By BearsFan
Yeah man! That Elijah Craig 12 is pretty good.
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By T.J. Brayshaw
I've been enjoying Russell's Reserve Small Batch 10 year old and the Elijah Craig small batch 12 year old.

I'll look for the Old Fitz.
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By Lenny
again with the names.

Im having a strong Evan Williams

Feels like I showed up at a Bamboo afficianados meeting with a Snoopy spincaster.
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By T.J. Brayshaw
I like Evan Williams a lot.

But if Evan Williams was all we were allowed to talk about in this thread, it would be either pretty short, or boring.

"I'm having Evan Williams."

"Me too!"

"So am I !"
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By flashback
Good to see the Elijah Craig, try it in the 12 or 20. Also try something called Ezra B. PVW is very expensive in New York, can't find much Rip Van Winkle anymore. The duty free shops sometimes get some very good ryes, tax free to boot.
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