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By BearsFan
I met a knockout bird with 2 business degrees last night. She was from Kentucky, we talked about bourbon for a spell and went our ways. I have a feeling she will be able to fetch me a good bottle one day in the future.
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By 2weight
In my cabinet at the moment

Eagle Rare 10
Knob Creek Single barrel reserve
PVW 20


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By 2weight
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:Serious as a headache.

I still think that the weller labels can compete but Pappy has the whole supply and demand thing going on. I personally think 23 years is a little too long and oaks it up a tad. That's just me though.
I had that happen to me once at a bar in san diego. I jokingly asked how much for a glass of the dow's vintage 1977 porto I saw sitting in the wine case. Bartender says "let me look". Now I knew that this was a $2-300 bottle of port if you can find one at a liquor store. In a bar it was probably $600 plus. I knew good and well they weren't going to open it and serve "a glass".

But I'll be damned she said $8.

I said I'll have one. She poured a FULL WINE GLASS.

So I had three. I drank 3/4 of a bottle of '77 Dow in a bar for $24.
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By BearsFan
While doing a bit of cleaning at a bar I worked at a few years back I found a half bottle of Macallan 21. I asked the boss what we charged for a shot. $7 with the double costing an extra buck. I came in my next night off and finished the bottle. Upon returning to work the following day I found a full bottle had replaced the one I emptied. Apparently they had 2 on hand when the place opened several years before and no one ever ordered it. I slowly killed that thing over the next few weeks, toasting to beer and chicken wings. God Bless 'Merica.

Favorite birthday gift this year.

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By Upsetter
Ancient Age/aka cheap buffalo trace...$13/litre. Havent moved my eyes up a shelf since that LLS special took hold. What can I say?
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By T.J. Brayshaw
Some recent purchases...


I like them all. The Dickel is a nice change from bourbon. The Angel's Envy is good, but more than I like to spend on bourbon. I got it because somebody's sales pitch worked on me.
By StephenT.Colbert
I was not huge on the angels envy at first sip, didn't stop me from killing the bottle though. Probably will not buy another. Went out for drinks last night and the bar had Blanton's. I should have just thrown my wallet at the bartender.
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By T.J. Brayshaw
StephenT.Colbert wrote:I was not huge on the angels envy at first sip, didn't stop me from killing the bottle though. Probably will not buy another.

I won't buy it again either, I don't think. But I've never poured any whiskey down the sink.
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By P-A
Eagle rare is the shite!! But i have only one love in Borboun and that is George T Stag, just fuckin awsome!!
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By labsrus
I just read a few news clips about this

Maker Mark to water down theri stuff from 45 to 42 due to increased orders and the increased lead time to add capacity

In the news clips the executives at Makers Mark tassted the suff and found no difference.

Might need to head out and get some before the change

Go figure
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meh... :coffee points for sticking around.

Roughfish swap (Heero backed out)

second bump, cuz Scott's puke is foamy

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