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Ty, we're good. I just saw the global warming thread.
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By Ty Webb
SLSS wrote:Ty, we're good. I just saw the global warming thread.

what the fuck did I say in the Global Warming thread?
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Ty Webb wrote:poor people should pay higher taxes than rich people.
El General wrote:
Me? I don't blame office holders for anything.
I just thought it would help SLSS regain his equilibrium.[/quote]

Thanks boys.

When we drink together- as opposed to late at night, alone, with our monitors- let's stay off politics. I think we'll get along well.

And right now, it's not late, I'm just in from skiin' with the pups, and I'm havin' a Sierra Nevada. :cool
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By Upsetter
Just spent the day up here...


settling a dispute set for shotguns at twenty paces at high noon over this....


aka known as this...


Violence was avoided, and everybody went home happier than they were when they showed up. Twas a good day in cowboy country today! :cool

Made it home in time to chase a little of this...


And now it is time to retire. Cheerio.
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By Outcast
Good shit Upsetter.

A whitey with a bloody eye will pass muster any day. :cool
By NoHumanityLeft
I think with his last post this guy found the only attractive girl in all of southwest Montana. Not really my style (I am not confident enough to approach one like that, I like them to be like me), but I am not above at least acknowledging something nice when I see it.
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