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Originally posted by steelhyde:n the Craig bar rocks.
Is it still called Hookers?It was a lie. There were no hookers. But they had Moose Drool.

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By Black Dog
Having grown up in Great Falls, I'd place my vote for the Mo. Should be less crowded in the fall, and there are always some big browns willing to chase a streamer. On the down side, there has never been a very strong bikini hatch, and the ladies at the Craig Bar always beat me at arm wrestling.
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By Rusty Hook
Great Falls: Tailwater fishing, probably from a drift boat, and the strong possibility of very large fish. Night life consists mainly of cowboy bars where at least some of the women will challenge you to arm wrestle them for shots of Jim Beam. They will win.San Juan mountains: Free flowing rivers, high backcountry canyons, wade fishing where big fish are there but harder to find, and partying in Telluride when you are not fishing.Which one you choose depends on what you are looking for. :(
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By steelhyde
Lots of the woman in Telluride dont shave their pits...Just say'n, who knows, you might be into that. But yes, the woman in Craig (I think there's like 4 of them) can and will beat you in arm wrestling.In Craig, a beer will cost you 3 dollars max. In Telluride, it will be much much higher.
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By Rusty Hook
Originally posted by steelhyde:n Lots of the women in Telluride don't shave their pits...
Those days ended with affordable housing, unless the bluegrass festival or a jam band is in town.
Let's recap, I think you are getting sound advice on the Mo. There really are no fish in southern Colorado and the crowds are brutal. Also, there won't be any water, as was evidenced by the 14 inches of snow in Telluride yesterday. :D
i'd go with the MO. all the big fish are in MT.
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