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By cool manchu
So I awoke yesterday morning to find my 3 year old daughter at my tying bench. She looked at me and said, "is this stuff for fishing?" I answered her question, and she continued looking at the flies laying there on the desk. She then turned to me and asked "daddy can I go fishing with you sometime?" I looked at her in disbelief (she is a very girly girl , thanks to her mom) then went outside to check the weather. It wasn't bad at all, so I asked her "do you want to go fishing today?" She answered in agreement, so I started packing up the suburban. We loaded up the rest of our stuff and headed to a local lake that is stocked with trout in the winter. I started stringing up a 7ft 3 wt rod for her to try but she insisted on the 3 foot pink Barbie pole. I rigged her up with a small popper and made the first cast for her. That was the last bit of assistance she would require for the day. Each time I tried to help her she yelled " I want to do it myself!" I stood back beaming with pride as she flung line and reeled away. With each attempted cast she muttered "here fishy fishy." Although no fish answered her call and we were completely skunked, that 90 minutes spent fishing with my daughter will forever be one of my fondest memories. As we walked back to the truck she took one last look at the lake and said to me " daddy i guess the fish weren't very hungry today." I looked down at her and grabbed her hand and said, " yea, there are days when the fish just don't want to eat."
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By DeadRatsClacker
I'm married to the same type _ pink all the way. She'll prefer one of these.

So when are we taking her to Dry Run, CM :)
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By slavetotheflyrod
Nice of you to loan her your rod :cool
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By Jacknasty
fuckin cool man.
I can't wait til my daughter is old enough to go fishing with me. She throws her barbie rod in the driveway but likes the plastic fish on the end better than the rod right now. I've already got my eye on a pink fly rod for her when she's old enough
hopefully you'll have many more trips together in the future :cool
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By NeedmoreDEET
Cool stuff! :cheer Both of my daughters caught the bug in different ways. The 11 year-old outfishes the boys in the neighborhood and handles big fish on drag like a pro. My oldest (21) still uses an aquarium net to catch and examine all of the small baitfish she can catch - probably should have pursued a biology degree instead of fine art.
By No Idea
Good stuff right there. My 3 yr old got pretty interested last summer. With his older brother I started at a farm pond full of shell crackers and some crickets, just so he could catch as many as he wanted. But the second born didn't get that, he was forced to fish the river. He threw a fit last Fathers Day when I asked if he wanted a bobber and worm. "No, I wanna use the same as Walker"(his brother). So I tied a little tube on his zebco and pointed the direction he should cast. Lil bastage tasted beginners luck right off.

Of course you need to have things to do besides fishin when you make a day of it.
'Dead eye, Gunnar'

The 7 yr old wants to flyfish this year, we'll see.

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