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By No Idea
Counting by ones, 1,2,3,4,.... it would take the average person 97 years to reach one billion....leave a will if you're going to have your family count to one trillion, takes 9700 years.
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By Rusty Hook
It is also important to look at what one billion or one trillion dollars looks like in terms of what it will buy.

It takes not $1 billion, but $2.4 billion to keep The University of Colorado running for one year.

ExxonMobil's 2007 revenues were $404 billion (or 0.404 trillion).
Their expenditures were $334 billion (about 1/3 of a trillion).

Australia's GDP for 2008 is just over $1 trillion.

The estimated cost of the war in Iraq is $1.3 trillion, and expected to reach $3.5 trillion by 2017.

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. has assets of $2.2 trillion.

The U.S. federal budget for 2008 was just under $3 trillion.

The estimated GDP of the United States for 2008 was $14.3 trillion.

I am not saying that $1 trillion is not a lot of money, because it certainly is, especially if you saw it loaded on pallets. I am saying that whenever you start talking about national economies or even those of large corporations, the numbers are going to be large, and big problems cost more to fix than small ones. Whether the money is being spent wisely is another question, but I wouldn't assume the fix is wasteful just because it is large. I don't expect our economic problems to simply fix themselves either, and like most problems, the longer we wait to do something about it, the more it is going to cost.
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By Outcast
The red shirt really makes that diagram POP! I'm not a greedy man, just one pallet of hundred dollar bills for me please.
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By eponymous
I agree Rusty, compared to many things it is "not that big", but don't pretend however that this is not a big my grandfather would say it is unbecoming.

Ever play credit card roulette at a restaurant? The bill is irrelevant when your card isn't chosen and it certainly is irrelevant when you get to eat and don't even have to throw in a card.

I'm not saying you don't have a stake in this - for I don't know what your salary is or what your future earning potential might be - but I don't like having my stuff taken and given to other people and being told not to worry because it's really not that much. Not trying to pick a fight, just sayin'.
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By eponymous
Rusty - just re-read and want to note that your response is thoughtfull and well written. I should have re-read before I posted. You make a number of salient points from a "philosophical "point of view. Sorry for laying the grampa line on you. mea culpa.

That said I would add that if'n the gummint is invovled it is by default wasteful....and I still don't like someone else deciding how to spend what I earn - and what my kids will earn before they even have a chance.

With respect to the problem fixing itself I would say that "philosophically" it could and would actually fix itself - as in laissez-faire capitalizm - though I don't know how long that would take.

With respect to doing things to fix it, I would not assume that what is being proposed will fix it any faster than doing nothing and letting the free market sort itself out. Again, speaking philosophically what is being proposed may end up driving us further away from the goal and deeper into the hole. I'm hoping that is not the case but I wouldn't bet on it....

Again, my apologies for jumpin' the gun. All points for a good healthy discussion on economics; a subject in which I am educated only enough to be I'm sure most of us here are.

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By Woolybug25
epo - While I have disagreed politically before (not always, I actually agree with you a lot), its a breath of fresh air to read your responses in political threads. Too often (myself included) peeps tend to rattle off angry-drunken responses that show no sign of trying to understand the other sides point of view. Your insights are always encouraging. :cool
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By TX.
Well first, I'm glad I kept my JP Morgan stock.

But all that you have shown, Rusty, is business' that are working. Bailing out private business is wrong. Period. Let them fail, regroup w/ a new owner that knows what the fuck they are doing...or don't. Do you honestly think that with combined IQ's of the federal gov't they can oversee this mess. I don't.
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