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By Colston Newton
Just started looking at this site today. I got a feeling it makes the VFS Off Topic board look like FAOL. Howdy.
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By Jon
Welcome. Anyone who's been kicked off LOAF is one of of of us.... :cool:
By bigtj
Colston,Welcome aboard. I think you'll like it around here, lots of good advice and gut-splitting humor. And the moderators aren't neo-nazis, which is nice.Talk to you later,-John

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By bigtj
Dave,Oh yeah right. I shouldn't have huffed that can of paint before I made that post. Silly me. What I meant was, they're aren't a bunch of neo-nazi moderators who stop fishing for years due to the hostilility of the area towards dry-fly fishers i.e. no moderators at all.-John

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By Nemo
Hey, I'M a moderator goddammit! And as soon as I figure out how to do it, I'm gonna be a moderatin' sumbitch. You guys are obviously stepping way over the line around here and by God I'm going to do something about it. Starting with you Dave L.--I am moderating yer ass back to Wookie Brook!
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By JackDaDog
Originally posted by Colston Newton:n Should I email Gene Langston?
I think he's embarrassed himself enough
By Old Brooktrout
Originally posted by Colston Newton:n Pete (Old Brook Trout) Why do I think they may need moderators soon? Should I email Gene Langston?
Colston,we'd better get Tomark, NativeMT, and the rest too--everybody except that Benjo guy who's in with LOAF these days. Quaker Pastor's out there somewhere crusiing for a new avatar and user name--maybe he'll be here in time too...
By fyshnutz
Is that what Nemo does, I was wondering why he was hangin' out here?Welcome all you new guys (are any of you girls (or chest pack wearers?)?), Old Brooktrout, Colston Newton, Snapdad, Flyfisher75, & Feltsoul. As soon as you get a chance you'll want to pick up a copy of The Drake Lifestyle Manual:
Imagen Read it, be it, live it.n And let's not forget tatoos:
Image n yoaza!n Now get busy!
By Cocotel
Yup, I'm female and I have tattoos. n Does that mean I can stay? n And oh yeah, I flyfish (still have a LOT to learn, but I'm doin my best).

At least you got out.


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