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By jerome
but i am rarely reading the board now.... and some of the pics hurt me, they are great but make me miss trout country......

Who all is within an hour of Athens???

I am not feeling the bass fishing...... or the rednecks...or all the sprawl....

any carpers??? Gar??? I dont give a shit... i just want to have fun fishing while i have to be in this shithole...

Not able to fish alone for a while, for sake of avoiding neck surgery a little longer...... my season out west is questionable....... and I have kinda of a close, close female friend going through cancer shit and being treat in Houston,tx. so i could end up there a little while but anyways............ so some drakian shenanigans would be good distraction...

NO one here fly fishes, I have boats but need help getting out. I have access....Everyone I know slings gear and has no patience for flyfishing.

anyone else get in funks,etc?????????? fuck i had to vent and ask questions..... not up for going on some of invites i get...

ok laugh, degrade, etc... make me laugh... i just hiked 2 miles to fish for no bites and a thunderstorm soaking....


Ga fucking sucks, been ready to leave again since i got back....

oh and fuck the weather too...
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Wisconsin Gun Dogger wrote:go make some friends:
this is a good one for sure

another is this

not sure if people still post there but it used to get a good bit of traffic, most of those dudes are old and pretty conservative. I got in trouble there for language a few years back, but they were always looking for people to fish with. Worth checking out.
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By jerome
Wisconsin Gun Dogger wrote:go make some friends:

i think len harris got torched pretty good there so its an indication to me that those boys are a bit of all right.

go find Craig Reindeau here: ... file&u=484
make friends with craig, treat him with a little respect and you'll get lots back

Thats was me and BGF torching that cocksucker... we got banned for it.... they love him....
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By jerome

I would be in Idaho now working if it hadnt been for economy taking a dump........... so if i could move i would sure as fuck be doing it. All my moving/ tarpon money went to dr. bills... shit just fucking sucks... not whining just need got to break this rut until things hopefully pick up and my services are needed.....
Damn Bro... I have a kid graduating this week and my wife just started her nursing career but shoot me a p.m. and we will get together and fish for some trout. We can hit some wilds or some pellet fed. I will check our schedules and see if we can fish some. Drink a beer, take a shot, take a toke, and put on some Van Morrison. It's all good even in the GA. I'll get with you when I'm sober and after Graduation.

First of all, lighten up Francis.

Next, this is dogs way of teaching you it's about the total experience, not the fish.

Lastly, come out this way in fall and let one fish even the score for all them troots.
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You need a girlfriend...or worse, a wife...or even worse than that, a wife and kids. Then you will be happy as a clam to get skunked in a rainstorm.

You can sleep in my guest house if you head through N CO. We will catch some trout.
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By n8
Something to do while youre NOT fishing.

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By jerome
Thats a plan, Belly.... used to do that alot.... miss those days.

You are right yardsale, maybe... ... that makes it worse. I was heading that way for winter after season in Idaho.

Thanks Highstream, maybe we can finally get together and fish. I think I left town quick last time we talked about it.
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By jerome
lookin like a another rainy Ga day.

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whatcha tying?

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