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NeedmoreDEET wrote:Great stuff Colin!

Got any suggestions for deep cypress overnighters?
of course call me
There's nothing wrong there.
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By markl
get er done wrote:[report]
Like the momentary green flash of a sinking sun, another winter came and went in a blink of an eye. It seems to be common knowledge that time disappears faster and faster as you age and this winter would prove no different.

I find we are all too often motioning through the monotonous steps of daily life commonly wondering where the day vanished. On occasion life bears a striking parallel between the daily hustle and the blurred view outside of a high-speed train, where some of the more beautiful things in life are simply out of focus. Days turn into weeks which could turn into months if you don’t hit pause and realize you missed a few stops. More times than not, we all find it’s hard to step away from the daily drag and the responsibilities it poses, add children to the equation and it gets even more complicated. This often delusional way of existence seemingly gobbles up your time and the more important items in life……………………….existence is not living.

For me those stops are areas where I feel secluded, areas that provide unaltered natural beauty, areas that arriving is much of the fun, areas that one can be alone with their own thoughts or shared peacefully with their friends and family. I know it sounds hokey, but without these stops we are simply pawns in this rat race.

However the good news is if you look hard enough these areas do exists………………………




This winter provided many stops of roads less traveled, we were blessed…………..



Many nights were spent in the company of the man upstairs……………………


And like many remote areas, they come with their benefits……….

Of course princess fishlips had to sneak in a few kisses…………





guaranteed best snoopy rod snook of the year…………….

and while the inability to escape the hustle for long periods of time is common sometimes sharing a sunset with an ‘ol friend is just enough to get through the work week………


Wow! I agree, and like how you're living. It seems you are making the right choices. Some awesome pics, but I really like the Princess Fishlips pic. Some serious good things happening there.
Thanks for posting.
haha Princess Fishlips,she will thank you profusely for that one when she is a teenager.

Great stuff, as always.
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By Lurgee
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By Bruiser
Great photos and fishing Collin, like always :cool
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By PastorBen
hey there

making enough memories for 2 lifetimes...truly a blessing watching your family grow and share your passion....

May the blessing that is your family continue to grace this board

Grace and peace

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