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SageBrush wrote:Thanks to those with the good wishes.
Had a nice quiet polite Holiday.........
in the middle of the FREAKIN WORK WEEK!
What the hells up with that?

Have a Happy Fourth To my 'merican friends. :cool
Don't pay any attention to Heero, the guy's a racist. :coffee
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By SageBrush
Don't pay any attention to Heero, the guy's a racist.
Who?........ :cool
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By Upsetter
Canadian winters rock! Ive had a blast in the CRockies climbin ice, ski touring, and gettin after it on the steeps. The interior canadian rockies have just about the best, most consistent snow quality Ive seen, and the ice, well, its fuckin unbelievable some of the stuff up there, prolly the best in the world at this point. And dont forget where the chinooks originate from. Just sayin...
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By Heero
To the Canadians:

I am sorry about the whole robot thing, I really do hope you had a nice holiday.

Raising robot awareness is just one of my personal agendas. It really is a bid the rate we are going, Terminator or the Matrix could be reality in our lifetime.

Also, aliens.
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By Dude
thanks for the wishes, same to you guys for the 4th.

No worries heero. To be honest, I have a robot neighbor harboring a grey boy next door. Fuckers stole my lawnchairs.
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By eponymous
Float Rod wrote:Wishing everyone in the States a very happy and safe 4th!

Enjoy your day and weekend.

:cool :cool :cool :cool :cool

Somehow I think if you trashed America, said evil things about my wife and kids and called my mother a whore I could still glance over at your avitar all would be forgotten.....

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