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By capt_gordon
We have gotten a proclamation from the Director of Marine Fisheries in NC to limit the number and size of gill nets that can we fished in our state. It's not everything but it's something... finally. Go here to read the whole thing: ... -net-news/
Thanks to Nemo for his help with this problem by running my picture in the latest issue of the mag. :cool
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never thought i would see the day, after spending 20 years plying those same waters, watching them change, every bill shot down by the govt. to protect the commercial fisherman, maybe the license idea was not so bad at all, at least it gave rec. anglers a voice . in decision making. Good job Cap'n.and my hats off to those you run with. :coffee
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By jerome
Salmotrutta wrote:Why does anyone anywhere consider gill netting an upstanding fishing practice? Let's hope they all get abolished soon.
fucking redneck trash use gill nets....... and consider it sporting. I sure hope i see a complete ban on them before i die. The fines and punishment should also be increased places that they are already illegal.

Thank you Capt. Gordon and your buddies for your work in NC.. :cool :bow
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