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By capt_gordon
Here is what matters most about those flies:
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By Natural Fly
Gordo's flys are field tested and Red Dawg approved.Do it Dawgie style!
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By Jon
If it catches a fish, it's not a fugly fly. :cool:
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By FlyShopDude
I would post some pics of some flies for you but ?I don't have a good enough digital camera to do so. I'm a poor college student until someone is kind enough to give me a job that pays me enough money to buy some better toys. So I can't post any flies until then when that will be? I don't know. But I can tell you that if I did you guys would have a feild day telling me how bad they suck and that I should eat shit and die for ever ripping on this boys flies. :eek:
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By TX.
Uh Gordy,n I think that's a turtle!
By capt_gordon
Oh no. You didn't just go and question the veracity of my photo....n Now I have to go and get all official on your ass>>.n Two seconds before:
ImageTwo seconds after:
Image ...and here is the turtle...
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By befuddled
Thats a fucked up turtle. Did you catch him where the Neuse drains into the ocean?
By capt_gordon
Newport River in Beaufort.
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By Natural Fly
This is one of the turtles that received a face piercing from one of Gordo's sucky fly creations. :D
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