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easy Homer. here's one from Penns last week and the fly that took all of my good fish except for one on the spinner. let's see the patterns the rest of you humps use for this evil little hatch. you westerners can throw in the pmd's as well. Just tying to keep up the ruse that this is a flyfishing site.
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I got a handful of brookies on Saturday with the biggest one taking on a comparadun sulphur. I don't have a pic of the fly but the ones I tie are much lighter than the bright nuke yellow ones I see in the shops... I love comparaduns.GS-that is the fly from the F&F article right? Very nice. I will have to spin a few of those...
ImageIn yellow. I also have good luck with a partridge & orange.For the last swap one of you guys (Brookies Rule maybe, or was that you FliesOnly?) tied up a sweet little sulphur comparadun. Just ran across it yesterday, can't wait to fish it.

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By Jon
Cool bug, Nick. I was at our friendly neighborhood spring creek yesterday, and couldn't get a touch on a similar emerger, but a hairwing dun twitched upcurrent worked very well. Too windy for spinners. Maybe this evening...Love da sulphurs.
Wook,n Yes, Twas I that tied the beauty you speak of. I'm tying some for myself to use this weekend.GS,n I'm assuming that's an emerger and not the dun. Is that woodduck or mallard flank for the tail?
So I take it the drakes have not started just yet, I'm a few miniutes from the Weikert access on the Penns.n Sulphurs are deffinitely my favorite hatch of the year...Many times I've seen the green Dakes so thick on the water you could damn near walk across on their backs and the trout would not even acknowledge them.n But slashed at every Sulphur that was tucked into the mix.....
Yo, ToothyCritter,I'll be up in the Pine and Kettle area over the holiday weekend. Any ideas on how that region's been fishing / expected to fish? Looks like the last spate of rain helped but the creeks will probably still be below average i/r/t flows. And from what I am gathering the hatches are a few weeks ahead of schedule?How do you do on Penns? I've never fished it. Heard it can be maddeningly temperamental. Locked on or shut completely off...Cheers.SUAF :cool:
Toothy/Ginseng,n You guys ever get over to see Jonas at the Feathered Hook in Coburn on Penn's? He's a friend and has a nice shop.
FO yes that's the same bug the peacock emerger (hehe, he said cock). JON that's where this fly was invented. BR yes it is designed to go after those fish rising to half emerged insects like we have trained them to do. usualy these are the fish that are subtly rising or as the oldtimers say bulging. it doesn't work on every fish but it sure works on the picky ones. it is also very easy to see on the water. that is woody for the tail as i'm trying to imitate the nymph tails. TC as they say the best green drake pattern is often a size 16 sulpher. no we did not see any green dragons. downtown march brown's, grey foxes, sulphers and caddis of every description. and with wagner playing in the background the descending giant mb spinners. "that's charlie's beach"SUAF the hatches seem to be right on time if a little day to day screwy with the weather. we did ok but there seems to be a noticeable lack of big fish in both penns and spring compared to previous years. probably due to chronic low water. penns had a good flow but spring was as low as i have seen it for may. it really looked like trico time there.SB yes i have been there before but we did not make it on this trip. i love shops where the guy will sell you a fly he just took out of the vise.Here is one of the bigger fish we got on penns taken by Suzy.

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