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Ginseng,n I agree 'bout the size of the fish on Spring, but there a lot of them.n This is my take on Penn's. 1)I love fishing it, particularly in the No-Kill 2)The size of the fish I think is on the upswing from a low-point (nadir for all you "literate" types) during the last 2 years or so because of the drought back in 2002?? Right year? Anyway, whenever that drought was it killed off a generation or two of trout. Just now I think you're starting to see ones spawned after that trauma getting to a good size. If the climate cooperates I think the next year or two could be great. 3)You can't beat Penn's for dry fishing with that variety and strength of hatches. That's what I got to say. :coffee:
Glista,n Does that Hair Wing emerger ride low enough in the film like an emerge should? It looks like it would ride up high with that hackle.n I'm tring to figure out a way to get to Penn's at the end of the first week of June. Hopefully the Drakes will have hit their high point by then and the hordes will be gone. It's nice to throw 'em at the end when there's only a few around.
Speybait,The hackle has a V trimmed out of the bottom of it so it rides very low in the water; very different from the way it sat on my workbench for the picture. And don’t forget to take some hairs ear parachutes. For some reason those things are dynamite on Penns. And besides, Wookie is right, they really are beautiful. Good luck if you get a chance to go.
SUAF,We are under state wide drought watch..and the Pine creek valley can be very finicky, With temps and flows..Have not been there recently but have a few friends heading there soon as well...We need rain and lots of it..but I doubt we will be seeing it any time soon..Penns really got some low flows in the past years, And the numbers are thinned out in all sizes..took a walk up Cherry Run last fall (No Rod)..Just to see what the spawn run was shaping into...and it was bleak compared to just a few years ago..n Penns can be a real sweetheart to ya at times...Other times you'll be wishing for some TNT!!n These fish get totally pounded!!If you ever do plan a trip down to the Penns.... and have some time for checking out a real in non publicized stream....Thankfully...Shoot an e mail my way and I'll give you the name and where'bouts of a real dandy,Stream has not been stocked in well over 20 years and the wild browns can reach :eek: size. :confused: Not a big hatch stream but good numbers of Caddis,Stoneflies, Sparse Sulphur's, Streamers a must have on this one...

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ToothyCritter,Thanks for the knowledge. I will attempt to e-mail you. Hope it goes thru since Speybait indicates he's had trouble with the current address...
Hey guys, as a response to the Penns inquiries, don't forget to hook up with the FAOL Fish In scheduled for the begining of June! ... 01022.html Another local (PA) website is having thier Jamboree at Corburn one of the first two weekends of June also. ... 12&forum=1Should make for some crowded conditions.n Unless we get some rain soon I am fearing a low-slow summer on the better streams. The overnight temps have been great this week, low to mid 40's and the days haven't been too hot but we need some more water. Not the drenching deluge of 2 inches in an hour either we need a good solid week of nice drizzling rains.
Originally posted by Bearmon:n we need a good solid week of nice drizzling rains.
Werd. Every month for the next six, preferably.Here things are looking...better than last year, which isn't saying a lot. At least this year we haven't had to contend with any idiot bureaucrats from the NYS Canal Authority monkeying around with the gates on their useless dam to placate dickhead pleasure boaters 30 miles away. Yet.Still, hatches are more or less on schedule and fish are eating them. This weekend promises to be sulphurically cosmic with bluegill topping.

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