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By austrotard
as it's thursday my weed is no longer in my office, it's now on its way to the waste disposal.

I'm going to kill the fucking cleaner today.
as it's thursday.

reserves here I come.
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By markl
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote: Sun May 06, 2018 12:52 pm I haven’t had a cigarette or dip of Copenhagen in 15-20 years . But dam if I haven’t been craving both since I started talking about putting the dog down.

Not gonna do it but Nicotine and it’s awful vice piss me off.
I suspect that your 'other vices' have managed to carry you over in those 15-20 years. Healthy vices, I'm sure. Either way, keep it up.
Sorry to hear about your dog. Ours is not far away, sadly. Like I need a reason, but I'll be thinking of your dog when I have my late night scotch.
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By trouthound
My sorry ass company and it’s use Aetna for health ins. My deductible went from 5k to 13.5k for the year as of may 1st. So my wife’s treatment went from capping on Jan 3 due to surgery to us us owing 8.5 k almost immediately on may 2nd. :wink

Kind of pisses me off.

And cancer. Cancer still pisses me off.
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By fatman
fuck cancer
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By Kfoxwyo
The insurance business generally speaking is a racket. I am pissed off I read that Trouthound-that fucking sucks. Who has 14K laying around every year- thats awful.
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By Spicytuna
Pissed off after realizing a stupid outburst from me killed a great contributor.

Really bothers me.
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By austrotard
"there's 24 bags of concrete in that truck... do you want to check it?" I asked, showing him the receipt.
'no, that's all right... I watched you load it up.'

in case youse was a-wunnering why I am so buff.
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By austrotard

apparently this is the new posh way to pronounce tonnes but you have to say it like you've just hit a gong.

4.1 'tooooans' of methamphetamine hit the streets of pertharoo today.

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By Spicytuna
Spending 45 minutes starting a new thread for my new boat and fishing (moving on from delta dayz) only completely fucked myself by deleting the pictures I had already used on Photobucket so there would not be duplicates in my new thread. Guess the fuck what?!?!?! if you delete the pictures from Photbucket they no longer can show up on your thread and trip report. FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCK not very happy right now to say the least.
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