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By Redchaser
I'm holding a small panfish, have a free hand, and am still putting the rod in my mouth Image
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By Saltan
What sort of lawn are we talking? Regularly mown buffalo would flip the sold sign for me
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By austrotard
subject: 10wt reel and line

"I tried putting the reel on my 6wt and it did feel fairly heavy. I did seem to get a lot more distance though."

sig: Golf is my job, Fly Fishing is my life

see? now you feel gay as well.
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By austrotard
Any ideas on what species of trout this may be???

local to you lot, ha ha.

some things never change, hey.
hopefully you cunts can recognise the martians.
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By austrotard
Post subject: Cheeky Spey reels brand new

3 cheeky 425 mojo Spey reels brand new with pouches

225.00 each shipped

1 cheeky 475 Thrash Spey reel brand new with pouch

250.00 shipped
PM for pics

this is why I couldn't flog those hardys.
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By austrotard
Need help with i.d.

is there anybody in the pnw that knows what the fuck they're fishing for?

fucking ipa-swilling lumbersexuals posing as fly fisherman.

disclaimer: I'm wearing carhartts. but I'm in pertharoo and looking rather fetching.
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By Redchaser
Dude on local board ask about fly lines, other dude replies that he should get a glass rod.
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