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By Highsticken
What are you? And, Why are you what you are
By Highsticken
Just on the right for me. I dont support abortion, however I do belive it has a place in todays socity. I also belive that corporal punishment is wrong. Yes to stem cell research, and a quick end to the world policeing not a pull out but an efective end to the senceless slaughter on both sides of the religious war that we are in/{waging}. I can't be a hippie because I still like my guns and pistols. I also think that we as Americans should be required to serve our country for 2 years. be it as a soldier or a public servant.Reef, sorry for steppen on your toes with the polls. just thought we could use some new stuff to ponder.
By Fishpaw
TroutJedi – scary is right!I vote libertarian or, sometimes with this party
By bohemic
Interesting, hard to make your vote count other than with the big 2, maybe local ot state, but... Hell, slap me, your vote doesn't count for the big 2 at the national level, but still...Anyhow, the few that have voted in the poll have definite political views, but no one belongs to a party. Aint' it just like us?
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By Shufisher
Damn, hanging chad!!! Image

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By eponymous
Originally posted by laurens legend:n The two party system does not work!!!!!
No shit. We're really lagging behind here in the good ol' US of A.
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By Ty Webb
we need like 80 parties like in central
American countries where every one had
to buy off the opposing ones with cash
and favorable laws then they have to n steal from the people to pay those bribes,
and no party is elected twice without n fixing the election...anarchy, anarchy, n anarchy!!!!
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