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with those 2 characters, it would be a memorable bake, however i have a feeling the sheriff would be coming by on a report of shots fired.... :coffee
By speybait
Somebody does need to find out their names and invite them on the Drake. Heero?
Were they with you at Comic Con 2010?
speybait wrote:Somebody does need to find out their names and invite them on the Drake. Heero?
Were they with you at Comic Con 2010?
The tall fellow needs his own movie.

Woolybug25 wrote:
What a dick...

Nice release going to try out for the Pittsburgh Pirates? This video is a wealth of spinner quotes and information

1. "spinners seem to be the key"
2. The heavy breathing, even though no one is moving
3. How the inbred in the camo has to have Len unhook and release a 10 inch fish REPEATEDLY, only so he can chuck it back from 6 feet away REPEATEDLY!
4. The same camo'd inbred posing in front of a video camera for 15 seconds with the fish, like he's having his photo taken.....
5. "Nice parr marks, that's how you know it's a stream born fish"

RFA with another brilliant critique and observation! Fucking hilarious. God forbid one ever become the target of this forums ire.
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By Aguirre
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By Aguirre
Yeah, it's so creepy I couldn't really even think of a good caption. He's either constipated or taking a large object rectally...
And boy what a fish.
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By Muddled Duck
No pic. Thank God.

"I was at the free launch in Dandridge an found a set of false teeth...if any one lost them P/"
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By BearsFan
DeShootnestGent'man wrote:
Caddyshack, for real?? We could be long lost brothers.
From an interesting thread: ... 6&page=235

Originally Posted by blunt
enough of this shit. im calling you out. i think biscus, my dog has a larger schlong pound for pound. my dog is only 20 lbs so we will have to make a sliding scale of sorts.
i will stroke him to full erection and take a pic with a ruler up against his unit. you do the same and we will form a panel of experts to judge the photos. the winner will receive a plaque of sorts yet to be designed
do you accept?
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Jesus , where did you find that? I took my Britt to get bred to a female many years ago while he still with us, after he knocked off a piece, the breeder guy jacked him off and atrificially inseminated the bitch. I don't think i said a word the entire 2 hr drive home. i have seen alot of strange shit in my day, and that is up near the top :coffee
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By CenterPin
PA boys and there stockies. 100 bucks says this will be hanging on the wall!


So many things wrong with this picture.

How old is this guy like 40? And he still shops at Abercombie and Fitch.....fuckin loser!

According to the story he helped stock the fish the day before. Fuckin Loser!

During the fight he lost his favorite fishing sneakers. Fuckin Loser!
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Damn, I'm so uncool, I didn't even get banned.

Continue Sir, this is all good🤜🤜

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