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By Ramcatt
killer rope swing
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By CarelessEthiopian
Classic douchery.

Most fish caught on a pegin egg under neath a girdle bug nymphing. It was definatly worth it, the fish are just starting to spawn down there. If your fishing the rivers this time of year be sure to fish the tailouts of pools, thats where we were catching most of our fish.
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By jhnnythndr
Chidester wrote:
Mike Honcho wrote:Walnut.
Yes it is Walnut. Sorry, didn't spend much time there.

You don't fucking get it do you. Get the fuck out. You don't come correct- then don't bother showing up. The fact that you fish there at all speaks volumes as to just what a chomper you are. Fuck off. Queef.
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By Vito
The egg spitting pics are all too common around here. Although I do get a laugh out of the hero shots with spunk all over their waders.
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By Mike Honcho
Chidester wrote:
Mike Honcho wrote:Walnut.
Yes it is Walnut.
What do I win?
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By Aguirre
Woolybug25 wrote:Fucking hotspotters....

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By BearsFan
How exactly do you make a hole through a fish like that?
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