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By Redchaser
DeShootnestGent'man wrote:
overbrook wrote:
Woolybug25 wrote:

Wait... is that.... no...
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By tailchaser
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By steelrain202
Wisconsin Gun Dogger wrote:
franzen wrote:Image
Those creepyfucking eyes!!


Socks is that you?
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By Mad_Mike

look at the size of the boat these retrads are in... this is natural selection at work.. these fuckers will be lucky if they live long enough to pass on their genes... thank dog...

check out all the other photo's. ... _ID=126620 ..

what a douche... BTW- this dood looks just like the monkey...
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By Gremlin
I'm posting this not to make fun of the guy, I just think it's awesome how excited he is about catching a fish. Maybe that's what a guides life is like (happy people excited to catch fish) : probably not all the time.

Of course I do think it's funny he has a leader straightener.

Happy Guy
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