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By gadflyfisher
Not so much the town but a board about the town.

As long as it stays in the whining room what is the problem.
Leave the salties to fuck up the general board with their dramas.
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is that that crazy M.F. JJ?
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By fallen513
Randy Mossback!

What a pig! Hope he didn't spike it.
CarelessEthiopian wrote:
That's actually better than that one of the fellow with the bags of beads. Skank, you know the one.
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By Gremlin
Dude.jpg (38.13 KiB) Viewed 641 times
a local....
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By woolly bugger
Gremlin wrote:
a local....
looks like a cousin of mine..

jis say'in
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By Gremlin

is that a cousin on both sides? :)

I jest....
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