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By TX.
[report]Yeah, I know this douche's intro is a bit over played. But I thought I'd give it a permanent home:

"The browns gave me a present for my birthday.

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By TX.
[report]Don't tell me we now have to worry about radiation from the moon????!!!!
Fuck Sakes!


"Moon Buff. Look for it at your local outdoor retailer, now before it's too late."[/report]
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By Ramcatt
getting all thugged out next to the ice machine, and then the car, and then back to the ice machine
imagine sitting at the red light and watching this stupidity go down

this is why we can't have nice things....



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By tailchaser
Fly rod-check
hero shot-check
sideways picture-check
all together for a photo shoot with fake fish-check

wait... fake fish? what?

see link below ... p?t=447221
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By WanderingBlues
Ahhhh, Anaheim Lake. Pay to play where you can reach in a grab a fat stocker with your bare hands. Better they fish there then someplace wild.
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By tailchaser

thank dog this guy isn't is on this board....

oh wait.... :coffee
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By Spudnik
Amazing. Simply amazing. Who is this? I want to shake this man's hand.
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