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By fallen513
WanderingBlues wrote:Maybe our Boise boys will see him and put him in check tie a rock around his neck and shove him off a bridge.
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By cantfishforshit
We're staying on the spur this weekend and I fished yesterday before the front rolled in. They must be releasing some larger fish in perpetration for the delayed harvest season because I caught a dozen bows, nicer than usual, all in a pretty short stretch. I then went up into the north end of town and caught a few smaller fish more like I'm used to seeing.
I wanted to go up a little higher but with weather and time not permitting I didn't make it. Today just turned off a little chilly for my taste as far as fishing so my little dog and I have been by the fire relaxing. Heading back to Virginia in the morning and get to dream all winter about getting back up in the mountains in the Spring. It's time to run my bird dog and do a little Quail hunting when the highs get down around the mid 30's.
p.s. I took a couple of pics but can't upload until I get home. I figured you guys wouldn't care about a pic of a stocker anyhow. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!!
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By Spudnik
... Reads like one of your fishing reports. Is it? I don't get it...
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By fallen513
in perpetration... that's golden.
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By cantfishforshit
fallen513 wrote:in perpetration... that's golden.

That was my favorite part...that and the fact that he didn't post one pic...not even of the river.
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By unskunkable
DeShootnestGent'man wrote:

I'm all over it! Think he'll fly me from Cali?
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By unskunkable
First thing I'll teach him is how to pole that heavy fucker around... I ain't doing it! :coffee
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By fatman
jesus H.....
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By BearsFan
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:[report]
......first class idiot........

Pretty sure I learned how to duck hunt from the same guy that taught him. Fuck, I hate myself for that so much.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
We had some guys a few years ahead of me in highschool that hunted like that and something went wrong in the blind and two were killed and one was maimed for life. Sensless. have a stiff one when you get hgome but leave it there when you get the guns out. I'm pretty open minded about things but not that.
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