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By mijo
good read.n I enjoy kustich.I've spent considerable time talking about this w/ my cane builder friend/mentor. it's an interesting subject and the story is far from over I think.I do know there ain't a snowball's chance in hell of me forking over $2500 for a sweetgrass stick. much as I'd like one even.
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By Smithhammer
Double Wow. Right on Kustich. This essay deserves to be in wide circulation, though most mags would probably be afraid of angering their beloved sponsors...n "Although many acknowledge a corporation’s autonomous right to do whatever it takes to accomplish arbitrary goals set by those in charge, where is it written that this has to be the case. Outsourcing, downsizing, and devaluing the human effort has become industry standard since the turn of the 21st century. By not cultivating the fulfillment factor of its employees, however, corporations seem intent on selling out their most precious resources for short-term gains at the expense of long-term well-being.For us, this was a conundrum. It was like asking the distillers of twelve-year old single malt to knock a few years off the process. We may have been able to comply, but the compromise was not worth the price. It would have cost our souls. Making a rod on a time clock is not the same as making a rod without looking at the time. There is a distinction, and to pass on that distinction would take some training, contemplation, soul-searching and commitment to ideals foreign to the bottom line society that we have become. Freedom is only as good as the courage it takes to stand up for what one believes. In the end, standing up for our idealism was all that we had left."
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By Smithhammer
Originally posted by mijo:n I do know there ain't a snowball's chance in hell of me forking over $2500 for a sweetgrass stick. much as I'd like one even.
Same (I just bought a car for < than that). But I like knowing companies like Sweetgrass,and their small scale, high-craft products, are still out there annd surviving even if I can't afford them.
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By badnots
Assuming that reputation & tradition are important to buyers of high-end 'boo sticks; Winston has lost something irreplaceable.n A sullied name forever - no matter how good a rod they build in the future.n Truly a sad tale.I'll own one of Waynes hollow builts someday ... Image
By mijo
I don't think winston has anyone prepared to step in and take those guys place. seems to me that they just lost a big share of the high end split cane market, presumably forever.
By mijo
Originally posted by badnots:n n I'll own one of Waynes hollow builts someday ... Image
y'know that thing resembles a pretzel.
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By FliesOnly
Good read. Winston lost a lil magic and a link to the past.....
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By Glista
I'm with you guys. I would love to have one of there rods but I just couldn't swing it. Jerry is a cool guy and has written some great books. If you get a chance you should reed them. He is also a character to fish with. I was on the York River salmon fishing with him a few years back. He hooked a great fish, well over 20lbs. and complained about it being to big all the while he was playing it. He wanted to break it off at one point. I had to talk him into landing the fish. After he did and I got a few hero shots for him he was as happy as a clam.
By Nubbs
Winston blew it.n The Boo Boys are some of the best at what they do. Anyone see them on FF America?
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By Ginseng Sullivan
i cast one of waynes rods before jerry broke it. that thing was amazing. the story of jerry breaking waynes rod on a wny stream was up there earlier, but they just switched it to this one. i will see if he has the other one somewhere. wayne's rods don't really feel like boo they seem lighter than graphite and are quite quick. the break was accidental and in no way a reflection of the rods quality, just jerry's walking.for the record my shop carries u.s. made winston's but the truth is the truth.
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