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Someone who isn't me does stencils.

Got a visit from the po-leece @ 3 am not too long ago.
F.Babar wrote:cool shit.

Use to do a lot of stencil art...and once saw a stencil of mine, from 10 years earlier...on a train on the other side of the country.

It was cool.

This is bad ass.. :cool
woolly bugger wrote:

camera buffer overrun prevented better animatics...

just for a flattened penny...

I was expecting him to lose a hand..
Holy shit..That's really dumb!
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Game Over.[/report]
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wow, a bump from 2014?...nice.
Good eye, i hadn't even noticed how long it's been when i posted. Hit a local ditch, shroom hunting, mostly, and found this. It's fresh, wasn't there last year. Pretty talented individual(s) who did this. I lime it big time.
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