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I think I keep a pretty objective view of myself, I recognize my assetts and liabilities.

I'm ok at my job, not the best in the world, not the worst either. I tend to be lazy at times and would make a lot more money if I weren't.

I'm a decent fisherman, but have days where I can totally blow it.

I know I can be a better, more understanding husband.

I often lapsed in my religion and fall far short of the ideals I'd like to live up to.

I'm fairly fat with a scarred up face and am getting old, so I won't be winning any beauty contest (which also means I better keep my wife at least reasonably happy because my chances of catching another are slim).

Sometimes things beyond my control pile up. Curve balls keep getting thrown at me, people I love and trust the most dissapoint me and I begin to wonder "what the fuck"? But then my kid comes around and squeezes my neck and this I know.

For all of my faults, shortcomings and imperfections, I AM A DAMN GOOD DAD. My kid know's she's loved and that I'm proud of her because I remind her of it ever day. I keep up with and stay involved with what she's doing in school (pre K). She's sweet, kind hearted and well behaved, and while she knows my love for her is boundless, she also knows that I'm not a pushover with regard to expecting her to behave and be respectful. I encourage her to try things and to take reasonable risk, even if it means a few bumps and bruises and as a result she's one of those kids who has a ton of confidence, never meets a stranger and is always happy and having fun. I also know that no matter how bad everything is going to hell, there's one part of my life that is right, and when it comes to the most important thing, I ain't screwed it up yet.

Thank God for little girls.
Ron, I feel like I just read my own biography in your post.

Some day, we MUST fish. :cool
KP wrote:Ron, I feel like I just read my own biography in your post.

Some day, we MUST fish. :cool
Yeah me too. A quote from my wife " If you were as good of a husband as you are a dad I would never be upset with you"

Ty 14
Sophia 8
Right on, dude. I'm not the best at anything, I just keep on keepin' on. My kids love me and my wife. They are what we will really leave behind. I just hope we do a good job.

Brendan - 15
Sarah - 13
Samantha - 9
Andrew - 8
This was first said by my grandfather to my dad. He then said it to me the first time I acted a fool. I've since passed it down to my son.

"Boy, this world is full of sorry, lazy, rude and entitled adults. My job is to make sure this world doesn't get another one."
This is what it's all about
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yep..all about the kids








sorry about all the pics. I am a pretty proud pop.
Well spoken, sir. I feel the same way about my daughter who is 29, married, and now lives in Chicago. My two boys are still under my roof at 14 & 15, but I know that they've been raised well by me and my wife. I am proud of them on so many levels; academics, sports, fly fishing (duh!) etc. But I am most pleased by their manners, their kindness (except to each other) and their sense of right and wrong.

The Younger McStreamer


The Elder McStreamer


The McDowell Boys


Yer Pal,
Awesome thread Red and well said. Occasionally I find myself sitting in my office with the door closed clicking through photogs of our one and only, Kole (aka Blondy, 13), trying to remind myself of what's really important in this all too F'd-up world. Your post today really hit home and, while clicking through some old shots, it really hit me that my little man will be behind the wheel of a truck (idk, maybe even a car) in 2 1/2 years, and I pray to everyone's God that he won't think himself too cool for a public "I love you", kiss on the cheek or pat on the ass. The thought of him not wanting to hang with the old man, learn curse words and whip the water into a frenzy scares the bajeebus out of me. Not meaning to hijack this one but I'm afraid you've opened the floodgates of proud papaness so time to soak up some bandwidth...

A SoCal yellowtail and the beginnings...

A litlle lake Powell action-

"A" section of the Green, the boy, and the ol' battle wagon-

The Madison…my wife threatened to divorce me if he didn’t wear that gawdawfull hat—I swear-

Idyho- and goodly amount of time on the water-


Nothing like a fouled whitey to make the boy happy-

Mom and pop’s retirement plan –

…or at least hopes for some scholarship $$$

RC - thanks again for the reality check.
Drakians, thanks for letting me pump the chest a little -
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