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By flymph
Crossbow, quiet and quick, the little rat bastard won't know what hit him. Just sayin, not that I know or anything. Even better if you get this on video.
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By ischua
Today the bastard covered the trap with pine cone chips never set it off This has me worried n just how smart are red squirrels?
By coolconman
Originally posted by ischua:n his has me worried just how smart are red squirrels?
If you have to ask, you're probably out of your league. You'll do good to remember that they are the spawn of satan.
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By stonedfly
Get the gun, remove the doubt.
By Geezer
Pellet Gun.
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By Rusty Hook
My old Benjamin had enough power to put a hole in a steel can if you pumped it up about 12 times, but be sure you hit it right the first time. A wounded squirrel can probably make a lot of racket.

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By 2Hi2Fish
electrified 4' x 4' chicken wire grid with peanut butter suspended above the middle.
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By Smithhammer
Biological warfare?!? Is nothing sacred with these bastards? Do they think that just because the U.S. can ignore the Geneva conventions, that gives them free license?!? Image

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By ischua
The traps are still empty and I haven't gotten close enough for a clean shot with the pellet gun .upping the stakes... I still have a box of 22CBs from years ago and the weekend is coming
By bigtj
I think the pellet gun is a bad idea. The guy next to me uses his to shoot pigeons and it pisses me off because one of these days the senile bastard is going to take out one of my windows or shoot the kids that play out in the street. If you have a neighbor that feels the same way I do or worse they might call the cops and ruin your fun.From what I have heard those bastards are incredibly smart. I like the idea of the trash can they fall into and drown, that might just work, it would be cheap enough to try.
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By Bear River Boomer
I just find it ironic that your avatar is a gif of some rodent pleasuring himself and now you have a rodent problem.
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