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By woolly bugger
IMG_3343.PNG (1023.87 KiB) Viewed 1781 times
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By fatman
[quote="woolly bugger"]IMG_3343.PNG[/quote]

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By trouthound
woolly bugger wrote:IMG_3343.PNG
That extra S keeps cracking me up. Only because I've done that a few times myself, the extra S that is.
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By markl
flatscaster wrote:[report]Image

Fucking Todd.[/report]
That is one of the best ones in quite some time. I'm now consumed with the need to see Todd.
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By ironman
Liberty Cab

Fukkin whores

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By Da Ax
Alligator shrooms.jpg
Alligator shrooms.jpg (26.17 KiB) Viewed 877 times
I'm hoping someone tried this at some point...
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By K_P
I picked up an afternoon school bus route for some mad money.

I kid you not, I drop a child off at this sign...

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By K_P
austrotard wrote:it is.

Feel free to walk up that drive and collect it yourself.

I hear banjos.
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