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By $tatutory Rap
barometric pressure, if you really want to geek out on it.booze/drugs used, if you want to eat lunch with all the super cool kids.
By BigGaTrout
Seeing that you fish only once a year wouldnt it be just as easy to commit this to memory?
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By Salmotrutta
What Bugs are in the bushes, on the water and at what timen Sunny or cloudy
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By mwk
moon phasewind conditionswater leveltime fish caughtsky conditions
By coloradicus
what type of snadwich you ate?n what type of beer you drank?n paper, glass, or metal?
By Geezer
Activity of birds over the water, that is if your going anal
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By FliesOnly
Mountain Khakis, denim or synthetic?

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By burgerthumb
tides if in salt.Although, I would go with a written journal, with key elements committed in prose worthy of reading later, as opposed to a table or log that ends up reading like a science textbook. So, date and place, and then a paragraph or two of what was important to you at the time.I have attempted a journal a few times but was never successfuly, so you probably don't want to take my advice.
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By Adams
Number of times the Scott really laid it down.
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By FlyShopDude
Number of bullets going over head and between you and the next angler.....
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By Shufisher
What position you were holding your mouth...
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By Rusty Hook
Don't forget cloud cover, pH, relative humidity, whiskey & other intoxicants consumed, rocks thrown or dodged, gear lost or damaged, tick & mosquito index, condor activity, and how close the lightning got before you finally made a run for the car.
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